News | January 20, 2005

FCC Certifies ADC Equipment For Use With Software Defined Radio Deployments

Minneapolis -- ADC announced today that its Digivance RF equipment has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use with software defined radio (SDR) network deployments. In November 2004, Vanu, Inc., received the first-ever FCC certification of a software radio device. The additional certification of Digivance in the new architecture ensures that wireless operators can deploy SDR networks and perform upgrades via downloadable software.

In traditional networks, Digivance functions as the distributed antenna system, allowing the wireless operator to enhance its network by cost-effectively extending coverage and distributing capacity where it is needed, including areas that are often difficult to serve. As part of the SDR architecture, Digivance provides remote transceivers to again extend coverage where it is needed most. Once in place, operators benefit from the new architecture because they no longer have to upgrade or replace base station hardware to deliver new services on the network.

"ADC's Digivance RF equipment has been an integral part of wireless networks for more than 10 years," said Mike Pratt, president of the Wireless Business Unit for ADC. "When carriers can change air interface standards and add new revenue-generating services to their networks without installing or upgrading radio equipment, it's a winning proposition. The Digivance hardware platform coupled with Vanu's Software Radio GSM Base Station, recently approved by the FCC, enable wireless carriers to upgrade their entire network without the need for hardware changes."

Software defined radio affords greater flexibility than traditional base station transceivers, and offers wireless network operators the ability to lower operating costs while using the spectrum more efficiently. The FCC certification of SDR technology paves the way for commercial sales of the technology in the United States. The Vanu software radio system supports all GSM cellular base station functionality and runs on an off-the-shelf server with the ADC Digivance RF system functioning as the wideband digital radio.

"The certification of this new architecture represents another proof point that this emerging technology will have a major impact on the future of the wireless industry," said Caressa Bennet, general counsel to the Rural Telecommunications Group. "From the ease of adding new standards to the ability to support multiple standards on one platform, carriers will realize a number of benefits from this unique approach to network infrastructure."

ADC and Vanu have already successfully deployed an SDR network for Mid-Tex Cellular, making it the first mobile operator to deploy software radio technology in a network.

Source: ADC