Newsletter | November 9, 2023

11.09.23 -- Ericsson To Co-Lead O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Work Group


Ray-Optical Modeling Of Wireless Coverage Enhancement Using Engineered Electromagnetic Surfaces

In this paper, results are presented of propagation experiments conducted to verify the accuracy of a novel ray-optical scattering model for EES.


Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices

IPDs are components that are designed for specific applications, rather than general use. When used effectively, they can help achieve size, weight, and power (SWaP) goals.

The Importance Of HTOL And Burn-In Testing Methods

Two methods, HTOL and Burn-in Testing, ensure component quality for 5G base stations exposed to harsh outdoor temperatures. They capture the "bathtub curve" of reliability characterization.

True Time Delay: What It Is And How It Works

Discover how Phased Array Antennas adapt with wider bandwidths, true time delay, and AESA advancements, optimizing beam steering and improving signal quality.


Ericsson To Co-Lead O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Work Group

AMETEK Acquires Amplifier Research Corp

Pasternack Unveils Next-Generation Line Of 5G Amplifiers

Fairview Microwave Launches MIL-STD-1553 Dust Caps, Terminators And Adapters

Airspan Partners With Prospecta Utilities To Deliver 5G mmWave FWA Across Australia

Measuring 5G Communications Quality Of VRU Protection System At 5GAA Symposium

Highly Efficient Small Form Factor GNSS & GPS Patch Antennas For Accurate Navigation

Mouser's EIT Technology Installment Brings Engineers Up To Speed On WiFi7

Advancing AI Learning For Wireless Communications Testing

Picocom Introduces Industry’s First System-On-Chip For 5G Small Cell O-RUs

Cavli Wireless Reveals The Made-In-India LTE Cat 4 Android Smart Module CQS290


Measuring RF & Microwave Power

Accurate RF power measurements are essential for optimizing communication systems in today's wireless world, amidst complex modulation schemes and pulsed communication modes.


R&S Front Ends: FE170ST & FE170SR

The R&S FE170ST and R&S FE170SR are the perfect solution for early sub-terahertz and 6G research activities. Choose the FE170ST for signal generation and the FE170SR for signal analysis.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

TX/RX Dual Polarization Beamformer(24 To 29.5 GHz)

The ADMV4828 is a silicon on insulator (SOI), 24.0 - 29.5 GHz, mmW 5G beamformer. The RF integrated circuit (RFIC) is highly integrated and contains 16 independent transmit and receive channels.

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Analog Devices