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DGS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Enables New Spectrum Policy Initiatives

Patented Technology Makes Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Available Today

Tysons, VA /PRNewswire/ - The Biden-Harris Administration's National Spectrum Strategy, announced this week, is a comprehensive plan to enhance American innovation, competition, and security in wireless technologies. It underscores the critical role of spectrum in various sectors, from consumer electronics to national infrastructure. The strategy is built on four pillars: studying and potentially repurposing 2,786 megahertz of spectrum across key bands, fostering collaborative long-term spectrum planning with broad-based stakeholder involvement, advancing spectrum access and management through technology development, and expanding spectrum expertise and awareness. This approach aims to efficiently manage the scarce resource of spectrum, addressing its increasing demand with a focus on dynamic spectrum sharing and stakeholder collaboration.

Digital Global Systems (DGS) has a decade of technology incubation in the RF spectrum management and analysis arena that closely aligns with the Biden-Harris Administration's National Spectrum Strategy (NSS). This alignment is poised to significantly impact the spectrum landscape by enhancing broadband access, improving spectrum management, and fostering collaborations with industry leaders.

DGS has partnered with Dell on a neutral host CBRS proof-of-concept for the City Las Vegas, which is a leader in Smart City initiatives. The initiative demonstrates the value of persistent RF measurements within the context of CBRS network operations effectiveness. Other technology partners include RAN technology leader Airspan and hardware manufacturer Deepwave Digital.

DGS's capabilities in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing are crucial in making broadband more abundant. This aligns with the NSS's efforts to repurpose spectrum for wider public and private sector use. DGS's advanced spectrum management toolsets combined with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing enable broader access to essential services, supporting the NSS's goal of studying over 2,700 megahertz of spectrum for potential repurposing, including critical bands like 3.1-3.45 GHz and 7.125-8.4 GHz, essential for wireless broadband and satellite operations.

Central to DGS's strategy is its proficiency in algorithm design and spectrum management. DGS is dedicated to leveraging these skills to address connectivity issues in the physical layer, a significant challenge in deploying 5G networks. This initiative aligns with the NSS's emphasis on fostering innovation and ensuring efficient spectrum use through technological development.

DGS's potential collaborations with technology giants and government agencies support the NSS's collaborative framework for long-term spectrum planning. This involvement is key to advancing shared spectrum access and enhancing spectrum efficiency, directly contributing to the goals of the NSS. "We are pleased that several industry heavyweights are already working to embed our software stack to enable real-time spectrum optimization and dynamic spectrum sharing," stated DGS Chairman and CEO, Fernando Murias. "We've been building the solution to enable dynamic spectrum sharing for the past six years, and our patent portfolio in this area is deep and broad. We applaud the NSS's inclusion of dynamic spectrum sharing as the way forward."

About DGS:
Digital Global Systems (DGS) blends deep expertise, innovative thinking and groundbreaking technology to deliver next-generation network optimization solutions for dynamic wireless spectrum management, critical asset protection, and high-tech defense systems. DGS is headquartered in Tysons, VA, and serves customers worldwide. It has been awarded more than 100 U.S. patents for the advancement of spectrum and RF data management, with additional patents pending. Organizations across a variety of sectors use DGS technology to cost-effectively maximize the performance of their wireless networks using the company's unique, deep and persistent RF awareness solutions, as well as micro-edge data processing capabilities.

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