News | February 10, 2003

Corry Micronics Introduces a Press-In EMI Filter

Corry Micronics Introduces a Press-In EMI Filter Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics releases for production a series of press-in EMI filters. The filters are designed to minimize installation time while delivering the same filtering performance as Micronics' standard bolt-in feedthrus. This product is ideally suited for products where soldering is not required or traditional installation is too time consuming. The knurled housing is designed to be pressed directly into the housing.

The GC136 Press-In EMI filters are offered in capacitance values ranging from 5pF-30,000pF. The GC136 series is rated at 5 Amperes with Dielectric Withstanding Voltages as high as 200 volts DC.

There are two gold plating options available. The standard model is plated for most solder-in applications, while the optional "Hi-Gold" model is plated for wirebonding.

The GC136 series filters are glass sealed on the bottom-side.

Click here to download the Press-In EMI Filter Datasheet in pdf format.