News | October 31, 2023

China Mobile And ZTE Unveil Digital Twin-Based Antenna And RIS Planning Open Service For Smart Ports

  • China Mobile and ZTE unveil digital twin-based port antenna and RIS intelligent planning open service, which will be released on China Mobile's new generation AI open platform
  • The open service is based on the wireless network digital twin platform, uses real data to optimize the number, location, and configuration parameters of antennas and RIS in multiple rounds

ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking digital twin-based antenna and RIS intelligent planning open service for smart ports in collaboration with China Mobile at the 2023 China Mobile Global Partner Conference. The service includes rich port datasets, data-driven AI models, training environments, and a high-precision wireless network digital twin platform featuring full protocol stacks and independent R&D components. This innovation is set to to revolutionize network planning strategies and advance the evolution of intelligent networks. The service will be made available through China Mobile's new generation AI open platform.

The port's antenna and RIS intelligent planning is built upon a robust wireless network digital twin platform. The service leverages real data, including container data, shore cranes, driving tracks, and performance indicators, to iteratively optimize antenna and RIS configurations in terms of number, location, and parameters. Users have the flexibility to access training datasets through the open platform, utilizing basic reinforcement learning algorithms or proprietary intelligent algorithms. They can then perform online inference using test datasets to derive network planning strategies that are fine-tuned for coverage and performance metrics.

Through the wireless network digital twin platform, these network planning policies can be rapidly validated, producing multi-dimensional evaluation results, encompassing coverage indicators, performance metrics, and resource consumption. The service is designed in a leaderboard format, fostering an environment that encourages capability developers to consistently deliver industry-leading models.

In the future, China Mobile will further strengthen its collaboration with ZTE to advance the development of network.This partnership aims to progressively achieve openness and sharing of network intelligence services, offering users a user-friendly, high-performance digital twin-based AI service platform. Together, they are dedicated to establishing an open ecosystem that bridges industry, academia, and research.

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Source: ZTE Corporation