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CES 2023: Rohde & Schwarz And Broadcom Collaborate On Wi-Fi 7 Test Solution For Next Generation Wireless Devices

Rohde - Wi Fi 7 Test Solution

Rohde & Schwarz and Broadcom have successfully validated the R&S CMP180 radio communication tester for Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 chipsets. OEMs and ODMs of wireless devices can now get their first Wi-Fi 7 products ready for market.

Rohde & Schwarz and Broadcom Inc. announce the availability of an automated test solution for Broadcom® Wi-Fi 7 chipsets, the industry’s first Wi-Fi 7 chipsets optimized for mobile handsets that also support simultaneous dual-band 2x2 IEEE 802.11be-compliant operation. Rohde & Schwarz is a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment for wireless applications and collaborated with Broadcom to successfully verify the R&S CMP180 next generation wireless device test platform for R&D and production.

The IEEE 802.11be amendment covers Wi-Fi 7 operation in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands. The amendment will govern the extremely high WLAN throughput needed for advanced applications on mobile handsets. The advanced 4096 QAM modulation scheme, wide WLAN channels of 320 MHz available in the 6 GHz band, as well as the multi-link operation (MLO) are key elements to realize such high throughput in a mobile handset.

IEEE 802.11be poses a number of challenges to test and measurement equipment. The 4096 QAM modulation requires signal generation capabilities that transmit reference signals with very low distortion over a bandwidth of up to 320 MHz in addition to the required analysis bandwidth. Applied MIMO and MLO schemes also demand high performance and scalable test solutions. The R&S CMP 180 from Rohde & Schwarz meets these challenges. The test platform is qualified to characterize Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 chipsets at the RF level to test error vector magnitude (EVM), timing measurements and spectrum emission compliance. Rohde & Schwarz WMT software service has a Python-based modular test automation framework that also supports the latest Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 chipsets.

Christoph Pointner, Senior Vice President Mobile Radio Testers at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “We are happy to help Broadcom customers bring next generation Wi-Fi 7 products to market. The integrated chipset support from our WMT test automation framework will help OEMs and ODMs quickly setup a reliable and safe automated test environment for Wi-Fi 7 device testing”

Gabriel Desjardins, director of marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom, says: “Continuing our collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz in developing 6 GHz Wi-Fi test systems enables Broadcom’s customers and partners to accelerate deployment of the latest Wi-Fi technology.”

The R&S CMP180 radio communication tester is a future-proof, non-signaling testing solution for wireless devices in research and development, validation and production. Together with advanced frequency, bandwidth and RF capabilities, it enables testing of new wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7 and many more. Twice as many analyzers (2xVSA), generators (2xVSG) and RF ports (2x8) enable simultaneous measurements of technologies and devices in a VSA/VSG single-box tester.

Rohde & Schwarz will present a Wi-Fi 7 test setup with the R&S CMP180 and the Wi-Fi 7 device from Broadcom at CES 2023 in Las Vegas from January 5 to January 8, 2023, in West Hall at booth 6757.

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