CATV Infrastructure Amplifier 1.2 GHz CCAP/Edge QAM/CMTS Driver: ACA1240

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

CATV Infrastructure Amplifier 1.2 GHz CCAP/Edge QAM/CMTS Driver: ACA1240

Skyworks’ ACA1240 is a GaAs based amplifier that contains highly linear amplification and attenuation stages for use in CATV CCAP/EQAM/CMTS modulators and networks. It incorporates a continuously adjustable linear attenuator that is controlled by an external analog voltage.

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This ACA 1240 attenuator provides a minimum of 20 dB of continuously variable attenuation and is preceded by a high-linearity pre-amplifier and followed by a high-gain output driver. The glitch-free operates from a single 12 V supply and is offered in an 11 mm x 11 mm surface-mount package.

Additional features include:

  • 35 dB gain
  • Meets DRFI specification +5 dB margin
  • Balanced inputs and outputs matched for a 75 Ω system
  • 0 to 20 dB continuously adjustable attenuation using an external analog control signal
  • Single 12 V supply with 6 W power consumption

Download the full datasheet for more product features and specifications.

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