News | August 7, 2018

BMS Introduces The BMA-7100 Tracking Antenna System

BMS is pleased to announce the release of the BMA-7100 Tracking Antenna System. This product provides continuous 360° azimuth target tracking and incorporates a fully integrated controller, GPS receiver, and multi-band tracking receiver, all controlled through a single Ethernet connection. When coupled with the Multi-Control Point-Plus Windows application, the system offers a comprehensive, flexible, and powerful tool for long range air-to-ground communications.

Recent field testing at customer sites have proven extremely accurate tracking in both GPS and pseudo-monopulse tracking modes at a range of well beyond 100 miles.

BMS has delivered the first set of BMA-7100 trackers that have been deployed in support of the Egyptian Army border security operations with overwhelming success.

Highlighted features include:

  • Encoder accuracy of 0.0001856°. The BMA-7100 is perfect for pointing even high frequency, high gain reflectors with accurate and repeatable results.
  • Dual harmonic drives with zero backlash, reduced weight and size, and brushless AZ and EL servo motors. The BMA-7100 load capacity exceeds 300 lbs.
  • Available in a variety of bands in both single and dual band modes.
  • Capable of tracking in GPS mode as well as pseudo-monopulse RF tracking with optional BMRT-4B tracking receiver.
  • Capability of aiming up to a six foot diameter reflector. The unit is perfect for establishing any medium to long distance terrestrial airborne datalink.

Optional upgrades include:

  • Tactical stabilization for communications on the move (COTM)
  • Upgrade for corrosive or marine/shipboard environment
  • Dual channel rotary joint
  • Low torque/high speed elevation control
  • BMRT-4B tracking receiver to allow pseudo-monopulse tracking

When combined with BMS Solutions’ STS-E duplex data radio the BMA-7100 will be an economical and high-quality commercial alternative to bespoke ITAR digital data links.

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SOURCE: Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.