News | July 9, 2019

Bluegrass Cellular Employs ClearSky's NetView 360 Service To Evaluate Design Options For 5G Wireless Deployment

ClearSky’s NetView 360® service helped Bluegrass Cellular combine technology and business goals to determine the best infrastructure solution for delivering 5G to subscribers in central Kentucky. NetView 360 services include generating crowd-sourced network benchmarking data to evaluate current network performance and development of high-resolution 3D models to accurately plan network improvements.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) - ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a global provider of network analytics and design services for 5G, 4G and 3G networks, announced the completion of a strategic 5G wireless design project with Bluegrass Cellular. The project, which focused on two key cities in their license area, used the NetView 360® service to provide detailed specifications for deployment of 5G networks. The designs included cell count, capacity, projected data throughput, competitive analysis and total cost of ownership, allowing Bluegrass management to evaluate 5G network performance and return on investment for each market.

A key consideration in the project for Bluegrass Cellular was determining the extent of 4G offload that could be achieved by deployment of new 5G networks. This required the collection and analysis of a large amount of data. The NetView 360 platform is a big data analysis engine that integrates all available data sources to determine the best possible solution. For Bluegrass Cellular, the platform was used to predict 5G coverage using 3.5 GHz and millimeter wave frequencies and also integrated crowd-sourced competitive benchmarking data to determine the current 4G network performance. Demographic data and the location of potential cell sites and backhaul were part of the big data analysis.

“The NetView 360 team was competent and well-organized, and willingly accommodated subtle but important changes to our initial requirements,” said Doug Updegraff, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Bluegrass Cellular.

“It is imperative that operators are able to accurately assess how their 5G network will perform before build-out begins to produce the best financial outcome,” said Ron Willett, ClearSky President. “ClearSky has provided 5G analysis and design services to some of the largest wireless operators in the world and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help smaller operators such as Bluegrass Cellular plan their 5G deployments using the proven capabilities of NetView 360.”

The latest version of NetView 360 streamlines the complex 5G design process by performing 5G analysis and design on a single platform, producing outputs that can be used by RF engineers to efficiently design the networks needed to meet customer expectations. NetView 360 takes the design process an important step further by integrating business analytics with various design options. This approach results in an unprecedented ability to evaluate 5G designs and create a solution that will generate the best possible return on investment.

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About Bluegrass Cellular
Headquartered in Elizabethtown, KY, Bluegrass Cellular delivers superior nationwide cellular services to over one million people across 34 counties in Central Kentucky. Started in 1991, Bluegrass Cellular offers the latest devices and ultra-fast data speeds through XLTE technology over an expansive 4G LTE network, in addition to its customized integrated business solutions. And with 19 company-owned retail stores and 18 authorized agent locations, locally owned Bluegrass Cellular offers more Customer Care Centers than any other carrier in Central Kentucky. For more information on Bluegrass Cellular plus local store hours and information, visit or call 1-800-928-CELL. Follow Bluegrass Cellular on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on Instagram at

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