Automatic Radio-Controlled Drone Identification Solution: R&S®ARDRONIS


The R&S®ARDRONIS is an automatic radio-controlled drone identification solution designed to detect commercial drone activity, automatically classify the type of drone signal, determine the direction of the drone and its pilot, and disrupt the radio control link.

R&S®ARDRONIS is able to detect RC activity even before drones take off, giving users an early warning for effective responses. A choice of jamming modes for FHSS-controlled drones enables appropriate response to single or multiple threats. It is also able to intercept and visualize various common formats of video, enabling the security staff to see what the drone pilot sees. The decoding of the video signal and recording of the RC signal allows for the collection of evidence in the case that a drone pilot participated in illegal activities.

Download the full datasheet or brochure for more in-depth information on the R&S®ARDRONIS drone defense system. Check out the video below for a brief introduction.

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