News | May 10, 1999

Ansoft Launches Upgraded Design Suite, Partners with Singapore Training Organization

Source: Ansoft LLC
Ansoft LLCronic design automation (EDA) tools developer <%=company%> has released Serenade Version 8.0, a PC-based high-frequency design suite. The upgraded suite includes new capabilities that speed the design of cellular phones, pagers, wireless local-area networks (WLANs), satellite communication (satcom) products, and telecommunications systems.

Version 8.0 is equipped with a new Symphony system simulator. Using this simulator, engineers perform mixed-signal, digital, and RF analysis during the development process. Entire analog/digital communication systems can be analyzed for key results such as gain, noise figure, and bit error rate (BER). In addition, systems can be simulated in both the time and frequency domains.

By operating with the Serenade desktop, engineers can link the symphony simulator with Ansoft's Harmonica circuit simulator to take specific circuit effects into account. Symphony also links with third-party tools , such as Matlab, allowing users to inject Matlab-generated data into any node in the system.

Version 8.0's layout tool, dubbed Serenade Layout, has also been enhanced. The layout tool include the AnsoftEM driver, which enables the transfer of layout design data from Serenade Layout into an electromagnetic analysis tool. The driver writes the Ansoft Neural file set that can be read into Strata 1.x and Ensemble 6 using Ansoft's ANFS file translation tools.

The enhanced layout tool also includes a WMF driver, which enables the export of Windows Meta Files for exact vector representation of layout geometries in other Windows programs for documentation purposes. The new driver supports embedded apertures and polygon commands while being optimized to export to Cadence's Allegro tools.

<%=company%> has also made improvements to Serenade's graphic tools. An improved filter synthesis utility creates lumped bandpass filters and lumped filters of all types using the elliptic transfer function. Improved physical representations of microstrip and stripline filters, including transmission line end effects, are exported to Harmonica. Physical representation of hairpin filters in microstrip and stripline can also now be exported.

Serenade Version 8.0 is a component of the Serenade Design Environment, a single software suite for system, circuit, electromagnetic simulation, synthesis, and physical design. Using this design environment, engineers can access schematic capture, high-frequency circuit, electromagnetic, and system simulators. They can also work with layout, IC package modeling, and third-party tools.

Serenade 8.0 is available immediately for Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 95 systems. Licensing options include floating network licenses, node-locked software licenses, and portable hardware keys. Minimum system requirements include a Pentium class machine with SVGA graphics, a CD-ROM drive, and 32 MB of random-access memory (RAM).

Singapore partnership
The release of Serenade version 8.0 comes one day after Ansoft announced and agreement with Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. Under the agreement, Ansoft has awarded a tender for a suite of Ansoft's Serenade design Environment software.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic offers courses in engineering and commerce below the degree level to meet the growing needs of industry and commerce in Singapore. Under the agreement, this institution will offer training courses on Ansoft's Serenade product. In addition, Ngee Ann intends to create an authorized training center for Ansoft's products.

By working with Ngee Ann, Tom Flynn, director of Japan/Asia operations, says Ansoft is increasing its name recognition in Singapore. By offering training courses, Flynn says Ngee Ann will make people comfortable with using Ansoft's products. "This gives us a marketing edge in local countries where HP is a familiar name."

According to Flynn, <%=company%> plans to expand the tools it offers to Ngee Ann. In addition, if things work out successfully in Singapore, Flynn says Ansoft will look to establish additional authorized training centers in other Asian countries.