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12.01.22 -- Akoustis Joins Wi-Fi NOW Industry Association As Official RF Filter Partner

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Low Phase Noise DAC-Based Frequency Synthesis For Fast Hopping Wideband Microwave Applications

The excellent phase noise exhibited in ADI’s latest generation of high speed DACs enables size, weight, power/performance, and cost benefits in next-generation low phase noise, fast hopping agile RF/microwave synthesizers. To meet the most demanding phase noise system requirements, the suggested fixed clock implementation is a DRO locked using an analog PLL. 

Smartphone Antenna Tuner ESD Protection: What You Need To Know

Antenna tuners in smartphones must be able to withstand ESD at every stage from device manufacturing to consumer use. However, confusion exists about the level of ESD protection required at each stage.

5G R&S Monitoring Receivers

This application note describes the measurement challenges of 5G NR and makes clear the benefits of using a monitoring receiver for measuring 5G signals.

Filter Basics 10: Resonators As Microwave Devices

In part 10 of this Filter Basics Series, we discuss how resonators function as a microwave device and dive deeper into specifications for ceramic coaxial and dielectric resonators specifically.

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Video: 5G And mmWave Testing Solutions Using Noisecom Noise Sources

The new components and technologies required for 5G deployments must provide reliable operation in the presence of real-world noise and interference. Noisecom noises sources generate the broadband noise required to do this type of benchmarking, enabling 5G development and deployment through quantifying component and system performance across the microwave and mmWave bands.

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Webinar: THz Communication — A Key Enabler For Beyond 5G?

In this webinar, learn about the technical challenges to generate THz radiation using electronic and photonic technologies including their applications and more.

Featured Products And Services
Optocoupler Product Selector Guide

Skyworks, through its subsidiary Isolink, provides screened and hermetically sealed high-reliability optocouplers, RF diodes and RFICs including multi-chip modules (MCM) for a range of industries.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
RF Noise Generators: NGX1000

The Boonton NGX1000 programmable noise generator is a high-performance, broadband additive white gaussian noise (AWGN) generator in an easy-to-use compact form factor.

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Wireless Telecom Group
50 Ohm SMA Male Termination: 50T-455 SMA

Model 50T-455 SMA M is a 50 Ohm termination (aka dummy load) that operates DC-18 GHz.  It has an SMA male RF connector and is rated for 1 Watt RF input power.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Broadband Solid-State Microwave Amplifier: 7000SP2G4

The Model 7000SP2G4 is a self-contained, forced-air-cooled, broadband solid-state microwave amplifier designed for pulse applications at low duty factors where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. 

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Antenna Simulation Software For Antenna Design And Analysis

Antenna technology is constantly advancing to meet the growing demands of industry. Likewise, Remcom has been keeping pace in order to provide engineers with antenna simulation software that matches their processes and helps them meet their device design requirements.

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