News | January 29, 2013

Agilent Technologies And SiSoft Introduce Pre-Standard IBIS-AMI Modeling Guide

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft) recently announced guidelines that enable system designers to use advanced jitter and broadband analog capabilities when modeling high-speed serial devices.

The new modeling guidelines are based on proposed enhancements to the IBIS Algorithmic Modeling Interface (116-118 and 123.5), which are expected to be included in the specification's next version. Both SiSoft and Agilent support the modeling techniques in the new guidelines in advance of full standardization.

These techniques can be used to more accurately model the behavior of multi-gigabit serial links and are already supported in the current release of SiSoft's Quantum Channel Designer and Agilent's Advanced Design System simulation environments. Tools for building IBIS-AMI models using these techniques are included in the current release of SiSoft's IBIS-AMI Software Development Kit and Agilent's SystemVue AMI Modeling Kit.

Until now, IBIS-AMI models used to design and optimize high-speed serial links have lacked comprehensive jitter-modeling parameters and were limited to simple, first-order models of transmitter output drivers and receiver input-termination behavior. Including better parameters and more advanced modeling techniques in IBIS was first proposed in 2010, and the necessary extensions are expected to be approved in 2013. The new guidelines from SiSoft and Agilent enable users to create models that include techniques the two companies developed together to support design projects for mutual semiconductor and systems design customers.

"We appreciated the opportunity to work with Agilent and our mutual customers to move IBIS modeling capabilities forward," said Todd Westerhoff, vice president of software products at SiSoft. "SiSoft collaborates with customers and suppliers to solve tough design problems. In this case, we not only addressed a critical customer problem, but were able to validate proposed enhancements to IBIS with another EDA vendor as well."

"When EDA vendors collaborate, customers win," said Colin Warwick, product manager for high-speed digital design at Agilent EEsof EDA. "By working together we not only have a timely solution, but also the impetus to move this important industry standard forward."

Agilent and SiSoft worked with semiconductor suppliers to upgrade their models using the new guidelines and tested the models for portability and consistency of results. An illustration of the excellent correlation achieved between the simulators is available at

The two companies are also working with the IBIS Open Forum to incorporate the new techniques into a future version of the IBIS specification. Doing so will further increase the accuracy, interoperability and portability of IBIS-AMI models.

Both SiSoft and Agilent will be at DesignCon in the Santa Clara Convention Center (Booths 100 and 201, respectively), Jan. 28-31. SiSoft will be showing how it collaborates with customers and suppliers to solve the world's toughest high-speed design problems. Agilent will be showing high-speed digital solutions that help engineers to design, simulate, analyze, debug and ensure compliant designs while cutting through the challenges of gigabit digital designs.

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