75 Ohm Programmable Attenuator: Model 75P-217

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.
75 Ohm Programmable Attenuator Assembly: Model 75P-217

JFW’s Model 75P-217 is a solid-state programmable attenuator system featuring an attenuation range of 0 to 95 dB by 1 dB increments and a 5 to 2150 MHz frequency range. With 75 Ohm BNC, F or N female RF connectors, the attenuator has seven individually controlled attenuation steps:  1 dB, 2 dB, 4 dB, 8 dB, 16 dB, 32 dB and 32 dB.

Additional specifications include:

  • VSWR: 2.0: 1 maximum
  • Insertion Loss: 5 dB max
  • RF Input Power: 23 dBm average
  • Switching Speed: 0.7 microseconds typical
  • RF Connector: F, BNC or N female
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C

For more specifications on the Model 75P-217 attenuator system, download the datasheet and technical drawing.