Product Showcase

  1. High-Power Silicon PIN Diode Switch for Transmit/Receive Applications: SKY12215-478LF

    This high-power silicon PIN diode SPDT switch covers the 0.9 to 4.0 GHz frequency range and is ideal for transmit/receive switching in land mobile radios and military communications systems, as well as transmit/receive switching and failsafe switching in TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, and LTE base stations.

  2. SMT Silicon Hyperabrupt Tuning Varactor Diodes: SMV2026

    The SMV2026 series of SMT silicon hyperabrupt tuning varactor diodes features a high capacitance ratio, a broad, 15-V tuning range, and low series resistance and leakage current for low-phase noise VCOs. They’re ideal for applications involving miniature RF and microwave tuners, wide-bandwidth and low phase-noise VCOs, and wide-range, voltage-tuned phase shifters and filters.

  3. Uni-Directional Fixed Attenuator: 50FLP-XXX-100

    This low PIM fixed attenuator covers the 698-2700 MHz frequency range and is available in 5, 6, 10, 20, and 30 dB attenuation values. It has a +0.75 db maximum attenuation accuracy, and a +0.5 db typical attenuation accuracy.

  4. FEMs, LNA, PAs, and Switches for Video Game Consoles

    If the last few generations of video consoles taught us anything, it’s that gamers have almost entirely embraced internet connectivity in their systems, and that wired controllers are a thing of the past. This page provides an overview of Skyworks’ front-end modules, low noise amplifiers, switches, and power detectors used in Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles. These components help facilitate online play and wireless controller connectivity.

  5. Filtered Micro D-Sub Adapters

    Corry Micronics has offered industry-standard filtered d-sub adapters for over a decade now. They’re now moving into micro d-sub adapter offerings due to customer demand, as other suppliers of similar products are adopting higher prices and offering poor lead times.

  6. 10000 Watt Pulse TWT Amplifier: 10000TP8G10

    This self-contained traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier covers the 8-10 GHz frequency range and provides a 10,000 watts minimum peak RF pulse power. It’s ideal for test and measurement applications like EMC RF pulse susceptibility testing, industrial and university R&D, and in service applications.

  7. 30 Watts CW 1-6 GHz Solid-State Amplifier: 30S1G6

    AR’s 30S1G6 is a solid-sate amplifier covering the 1.0 to 6.0 GHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, it provides a minimum of 30 watts RF power. Like most of AR’s amplifiers, this model is ideal for applications that call for instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.

  8. Dual Independent Flash LED Driver: SKY81296

    The SKY81296 is a 2.4 A/2 dual independent flash LED driver. It features a 2.5 V to 5.5 V input voltage range, up to 90% efficiency, a 2.75 MHz switching frequency, and more. It’s most notable feature is TrueFlashTM – a technology that allows independent control of the dual LEDs.

  9. GaAs, Dual-band, High-isolation, SPDT Reflective Switch: SKY13446-374LF

    This SPDT reflective switch features positive low voltage control (0 and 3.0V), low insertion loss (0.40 dB @ 2.5 GHz and 0.80 dB @ 6.0 GHz), high isolation (38 dB @ 2.4 GHz and 30 dB @ 6 GHz), excellent linearity performance, and an advanced pHEMT process.

  10. Hybrid Power Amplifier Modules: 0.7 - 6 GHz BW

    AR has recently developed a line of hybrid power modules, or HPMs, to cover the 0.7 to 6 GHz frequency range. There are five different models available in this line with variations in output power, minimum gain, mismatch tolerance, harmonic distortion, and more. For more information on each individual amplifier module’s specifications, download the available datasheets below.