Feature Articles

  1. The Week in 5G: 12/10/2019 — Netherlands’ First Spectrum Auction this Summer; Global Body Sets 24 GHz Usage Standard

    Plus, former FCC chair suggests ways US can overtake China in 5G race, Japan considers tax incentives for 5G infrastructure development, Australia's Optus claims first 5G data call using 2300 MHz spectrum, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G

  2. Transceiver Testing By JFW Industries

    JFW's family of RF test systems designed for transceiver testing connects multiple radios together in a closed mesh network configuration. Variable step attenuators allow you to dynamically fade up/down the RF signal between radios. Available in three different basic configurations to simulate almost any network topology (custom configurations available upon request).

  3. The Week in 5G: 12/3/2019 — U.S. Cuts Off Govt. Subsidies for ZTE, Huawei Gear; South Korea Govt. Pressures Telcos to Invest More, Cut Consumer Prices

    Plus, T-Mobile flips the switch on its 5G network, Japan's KDDI teams with Facebook, an EU report sums up 5G concerns, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G

  4. How to Video: Understanding GaN Device Thermal Analysis

    Gallium nitride (GaN) is still considered a relatively new semiconductor technology. Because of its superior properties, it is being used more and more in market areas previously dominated by legacy technologies. One area where GaN rises above the incumbent technologies is thermal management. In short, GaN “can take the heat” much better than other semiconductor technologies. This article and the video titled “Understanding GaN Thermal Analysis” provide practical tips about how to properly design using GaN with thermal considerations in mind.

  5. The Week in 5G: 11/19/2019 — U.S. Lawmakers Aim to Boost 5G Security, Australian Radiation Safety Body Slams 5G Fearmongers

    Plus, U.S. FCC announces mid-band spectrum auction plans, France delays its upcoming spectrum auction, Nokia inks a deal with the Japanese government, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G.

  6. The Week in 5G: 11/12/2019 — Apple AR Headset by 2022, T-Mobile to Launch 5G in U.S., Chinese Govt. Kicks Off 6G Research

    Plus, Microsoft helps Singapore's 5G rollout, Brazil likely to welcome Huawei, a slew of activity from Ericsson, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G. 

  7. Connectivity Q&A: Why Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Your Competitive Advantage

    This article offers practical advice on designing applications for Wi-Fi 6 and unlocking the full potential of the new 802.11ax standard.

  8. Best Practices to Accelerate 5G Base Station Deployment: Your RF Front-End Massive MIMO Primer

    Strategy Analytics predicts an explosive growth of emerging 5G networks. They forecasted the number of new base station sectors deployed to double between 2018 and 2024. This rapid 5G growth will result in equipment for nearly 9.4 million new and upgraded wireless base stations deployed by 2024. Many of these 5G base stations will incorporate massive MIMO antennas. These new 5G network architectures incorporating massive MIMO antennas are pushing always-on connectivity to the outer edges of the cellular network. This article covers everything to know about the fundamentals of the RF front-end in the massive MIMO base station.

  9. Wearable Dual-Band MIMO Antenna

    This example demonstrates a possible wearable antenna design for dual-band use constructed of textile materials. The performance of the antenna remains acceptable as it is deformed as might happen in actual usage cases. When combined in a MIMO array, the antennas show good isolation and acceptable antenna performance.

  10. The Week in 5G: 11/5/2019 — China Switches On World’s Largest 5G Network, U.S. Military Bases Roll Out 5G Test Initiatives

    Plus, Huawei continues success in face of U.S. ban, Qualcomm Ventures launches a $200 million "5G Ecosystem Fund," and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G!