Feature Articles

  1. The Week In 5G: Verizon Forges Deal With Ericsson, Spars With T-Mobile Over 5G Timeline; Qualcomm Says 5G Phones Will Have Better Batteries

    Verizon has tapped telecom equipment maker Ericsson to supply it with 5G Core network, 5G Radio Access Network (RAN), transport, and associated services related to its upcoming 5G network.

  2. An Introduction To Programmable Attenuator Systems

    Attenuators are electrical components designed to reduce the amplitude of a signal passing through it without significantly degrading the integrity of that signal. A programmable or step attenuator is externally controlled with maximum attenuation ranges from 0 dB to 127 dB, in steps as small as 0.1 dB. This application note provides an overview of the key components in a programmable attenuator system, discusses the best choices for general applications, and presents several JFW programmable attenuators for consideration.

  3. Where Is Wi-Fi Heading?

    What matters the most when it comes to the future of Wi-Fi technologies? Some the major concerns from customers include high data rate, high capacity, and a good range of coverage. This white paper covers these different areas of interests, the problems involved in implementing Wi-Fi growth requirements, as well as possible solutions and expectations.

  4. How Not To Run Hot: Overcoming Thermal Challenges In Wi-Fi Front End Designs (Part 1)

    It can be hard to fully account for thermal management and affected parameters in wireless access points or customer premises equipment prior to FCC certification. This article is the first in a series that looks at the design challenges for Wi-Fi front end designs. Part 2 will cover coexistence and interference.

  5. Success And Peril As The Internet Of Things Haul Trillions Into Global Economy

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to contribute trillions of dollars to the global economy over the next two decades as the networked system of sensors, devices, and everyday objects becomes more pervasive and ubiquitous. Pitfalls abound, however, as cybersecurity and other challenges have not been sufficiently addressed by IoT innovators.

  6. Understanding AR’s Free emcware

    AR’s emcware is a user-friendly, comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test software package that includes automation routines for radiated immunity (RI), conducted immunity (CI), radiated emissions (RE), and conducted emissions (CE).

  7. Apple Files U.S. Patent Application For 5G Millimeter Wave Yagi Antennas

    The United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for Yagi antennas in future devices that run on upcoming 5G wireless networks.

  8. Cisco Acquires Telecom Software Company BroadSoft For $1.9 Billion

    Cisco has agreed to pay $1.9 billion in cash for BroadSoft, a software company that makes communications tools for the top telecom providers in the world. The move further diversifies Cisco's business beyond network hardware such as routers and switches and into cloud-based software services.

  9. Ohio State Researchers Design 'Hovering' Millimeter Wave Antennas

    Researchers at Ohio State University’s ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL) are designing "hovering" or suspended high-gain millimeter-wave antenna arrays that boost wireless signals and alleviate the crowded electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

  10. U.S. Air Force Introduces 'Revolutionary' Ultra-Compact Antennas

    By coupling the acoustic resonance of a small antenna with the electromagnetic wave, researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate have succeeded in scaling antenna sizes down to 90 percent smaller than state-of-the art compact antennas.