Feature Articles

  1. A Look At 3GPP Rel-16: LTE and 5G-NR Enhancements

    This article discusses the ideas and enhancements currently being developed for 3GPP Release-16, with a focus on selected Rel-16 work items and study items. These enhancements cover not only 5G-NR, but also LTE, which is being advanced in parallel.

  2. The Week In 5G: 4/23/2019 – Apple and Qualcomm End Legal Spat, Intel Exits 5G Modem Market

    Plus, Huawei shrugs off U.S. aggression en route to a banner Q1, the U.S. preps for its largest spectrum auction ever, Verizon launches a 5G technology contest, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G.

  3. Design And Simulation Of 28 GHz Beamforming System And Antenna Array For 5G Network Base Stations

    The system consists of three parts: a Rotman lens beamformer with seven input ports and eight output ports, a series of stripline Wilkinson power dividers to split each Rotman output into eight equal signals, and an 8x8 patch antenna array. The design process consists of three separate stages. 

  4. Connectivity For Next-Generation Mobility

    This white paper describes TE Connectivity’s vision for the next generation of mobility and its impact on vehicle architectures. It also shares how TE’s technology and portfolio address critical connectivity challenges the industry is experiencing.

  5. Choosing RF Switches For High-Power Applications

    There are several types of switches for radio frequency applications to choose from. Picking the right switch is a question of figuring out what speed, power levels, and lifetime you need. 

  6. When Reliability Is Paramount: Selecting Capacitors For Life-Critical Applications

    This white paper explores regulation, testing procedures, and supplier considerations to assist in choosing the best components for each medical application. 

  7. The Week In 5G: 4/2/2019 – Verizon Defends 'First to 5G' Ads, AT&T Claims It’s First US Carrier To Reach Gigabit Speeds

    Plus, Samsung's 5G Galaxy gets a price tag, Thailand welcomes Huawei, U.S. senators introduce legislation to aid and protect 5G development, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G.

  8. Understanding Plug-n-Play Instrument Drivers

    Do you want to simplify integration of system controller and field probe products? AR has created Instrument Drivers that are written to include common commands respective to each type of equipment. Every EMC laboratory is unique, with different test requirements, equipment and software. These Plug-n-Play Instrument Drivers take the guess work out of developing custom drivers for AR equipment, reducing programming time and eliminating possible errors.

  9. The Week In 5G: 3/12/2019 – LG Uplus and Hanyang Test 5G Autonomous Car; Sprint And T-Mobile Tout Merger Benefits For Rural America

    Plus, Vodafone confirms a big 5G rollout in the UK, Malaysia regulators take a hard look at 5G security, Portland, OR, wants assurances from the U.S. FCC that 5G is safe, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G.

  10. Filter Shape Factor And Selectivity

    This article discusses how a real-world filter’s deviation from ideal behavior needs to be quantified and that shape factor and selectivity are tools to use in this process. It touches on how both resonator Q and the filter order (number of resonators in a design) can influence a filters behavior in the transition band.