Feature Articles

  1. Aperture Tuning: An Essential Technology In 5G Smartphones

    Antenna aperture tuning is essential to enable smartphones to operate efficiently over the ever-increasing range of RF frequency bands and support the transition to 5G. Smartphones need more antennas to support growing RF requirements such as new 5G bands, MIMO, and carrier aggregation (CA), but there is less space for these antennas due to changes in smartphone industrial design. As a result, antennas are becoming smaller, potentially reducing antenna efficiency and bandwidth. Aperture tuning compensates for this problem by allowing antennas to be tuned to operate efficiently on multiple bands and increasing Tx and Rx performance by 3 dB or more.

  2. Integrated Circuits (ICs) And Component EMC Testing

    Those who produce IC products for demanding electromagnetic environments must take precautionary measures to test and pass all regulatory EMI and safety requirements. This white paper explores these standards and safety requirements and offers guidance for ensuring that IC products meet them.

  3. Understanding AR’s Free emcware

    AR’s emcware is a user-friendly, comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test software package that includes automation routines for radiated immunity (RI), conducted immunity (CI), radiated emissions (RE), and conducted emissions (CE).

  4. The Week In 5G: 2/12/2019 – Verizon Launches Grassroots 5G Campaign, OEMs To Unveil 5G Phones At MWC

    Plus, Switzerland and India further their 5G initiatives, Huawei launches its first test bed in Southeast Asia, Sprint calls 'shenanigans' on AT&T's "5G E" displays, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  5. Selecting Automotive-Grade Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors In Electric Vehicles

    The worldwide electric vehicle (EV) market is exploding in demand and mainstream adoption as governments push for fuel economy improvements and automotive companies look for new market opportunities. According to Forbes, “by 2020, EVs are likely to cost the same as conventional fuel powered equivalents."

  6. The Week In 5G: 2/6/2019 – Verizon Cuts Latency In Half, Cisco Attempts To Transform Agriculture, U.S. Needs More Mid-Band Spectrum

    Plus, 5G is tapped to enable robot baristas and the "world’s first AI stylist," an assertion that patent laws are stifling U.S. 5G innovation, Ericsson unveils the largest 5G training center in the U.S., and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  7. Throughput Of A 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System In An Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming

    Wireless InSite’s Communication Systems Analysis module is a set of post-processing routines that builds on the X3D model’s high-fidelity MIMO calculations to predict system throughput and bit error rate.  This example utilizes these routines to analyze throughput between three small-cell base stations employing Full Dimension (FD) MIMO beamforming to User Equipment (UE) moving along a route, using 5G New Radio (NR) in a dense urban environment.

  8. Duplex, Duplexer, Diplexer?

    One of the things all technical disciplines excel at is creating terminology that can trip up those who are not accustomed to speaking the language every day. This article takes the words “duplex,” “duplexer,” and “diplexer,” and defines their vastly different meanings.

  9. The Week In 5G: 1/29/2019 – Samsung Alters 5G Plans, U.S. Pressures Allies To Block Huawei

    Plus, the US FCC is accused of colluding with telcos to rig 5G rules as it wraps up its 38 GHz auction, German telcos grudgingly apply to participate in that nation's spectrum auction, and the end of cloud computing in the era of 5G is pondered, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  10. The Week In 5G: 1/22/2019 – Germany Mulls Huawei Ban, ZTE Claims World's First 5G Call On A Smartphone

    Plus, 5G applications are realized in surgery and traffic management, IBM and Vodafone combine forces, Singapore Polytechnic constructs a 5G testing venue, 5G specttrum auctions and awards for both 2019 and 2020 come into clearer focus, and more, all in this edition of The Week In 5G.