Newsletter | December 19, 2019

12.19.19 -- Why Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Your Competitive Advantage

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Connectivity Q&A: Why Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Your Competitive Advantage
By Qorvo

This article offers practical advice on designing applications for Wi-Fi 6 and unlocking the full potential of the new 802.11ax standard.

Transceiver Testing
Article | JFW Industries, Inc.

JFW's family of RF test systems designed for transceiver testing connects multiple radios together in a closed mesh network configuration. Variable step attenuators allow you to dynamically fade up/down the RF signal between radios. Available in three different basic configurations to simulate almost any network topology.

Components For 5G: What Is New?
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

With the next big step in mobile communication, 5G will introduce new RF techniques, new frequencies, and signal bandwidths. Ultimately, 5G New Radio (5G NR) will bring higher speed, reduced latency, more capacity and improved reliability. New technologies will be deployed and designs have to follow the new requirements.

Introduction To AA-Series Field Generating Systems
Application Note | AR

AR’s AA-series of field generating systems are designed to help generate low-level electric fields in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range. These systems are able to produce field strengths up to 50 V/m, therefore, saving on the use of unnecessary power and costs. 

Breakdown And Leakage Current Measurements On High Voltage Semiconductor Device
White Paper | Tektronix

Testing new silicon carbide and gallium nitride high voltage, high-power semiconductor devices involves the consideration of test system safety, wide voltage ranges, and accurate current measurements. Coupling a Keithley SourceMeter SMU instrument like the 2470, KickStart software, and their associated accessories meets all these needs and further facilitates research of high voltage materials and semiconductor devices.

Using Broadband Bypass Capacitors For High-Speed Optical And Millimeter-Wave
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This article examines the use of broadband bypass capacitors for use in microwave and mmWave frequencies, especially those used in RF applications and optical communications.

Wearable Dual-Band MIMO Antenna
Application Note | Remcom

This example demonstrates a possible wearable antenna design for dual-band use constructed of textile materials. The performance of the antenna remains acceptable as it is deformed as might happen in actual usage cases. When combined in a MIMO array, the antennas show good isolation and acceptable antenna performance.

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AR 50 Year Anniversary

AR has been bringing the RF and microwave industry new amplifier technologies for a half a century!

Bulletin Board
Massive MIMO: 8 Things To Consider

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology uses a number of antennas at the transmitter and receiver to improve diversity gain, take advantage of uncorrelated propagation paths for higher efficiency and high throughput, and/or for providing multiple accesses for different users simultaneously. This download offers a concise overview of the key aspects of massive MIMO technology and testing.