Variable Gain, Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY65369-11

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Variable Gain, Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY65369-11

The SKY65369-11 is a 832-862 MHz variable gain, Low-noise Amplifier (LNA) that has high linearity performance and an active bias. This device is comprised of various stages beginning with an LNA with a bypass switch, followed by a high linearity driver amplifier, a variable voltage attenuator, and a high linearity power amplifier, in order to provide return loss, low noise, and high linearity performance.

Special features such as the internal active bias circuitry that ensures repeatable performance over temperature makes this variable gain amplifier perfect for applications such as LTE, WCDMA, and GSM wireless infrastructures, Low noise, high linearity systems, and macro base stations. This device also has a fully integrated low-noise front end, requiring minimal external components.

Download the datasheet for more product features, specifications and diagrams on the SKY65369-11.