Newsletter | October 5, 2022

10.05.22 -- Using EM Simulation To Solve 5G/6G And WiFi Challenges

Assessing 5G Radar Altimeter Interference For Realistic Instrument Landing System Approaches

In this white paper, learn how Wireless InSite 3D Wireless Prediction Software is used to simulate the level of interference received at the radar altimeter input port of a landing aircraft, due to emissions from 5G base stations that are near the approach to runway 27L at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. 

EM Simulation Of 140 GHz Antenna Array For 6G Wireless Communication

In this example, a 140 GHz slot antenna array excited by a substrate integrated cavity is demonstrated for use in wireless communications. The simulations are performed using XFdtd EM Simulation Software.

Design And Assessment Of A 5G Base Station Using Massive MIMO For Fixed Wireless Access

This webinar demonstrates how modeling and simulation can be used to assist system designers, first in the design of a complex antenna array for a base station, and then to assess its potential performance in the field.  

Webinar: Smart Home Device Design And Wi-Fi Connectivity Using EM Simulation

This webinar demonstrates the strengths of Remcom’s XFdtd and Wireless InSite for designing and simulating smart home devices, analyzing propagation and beamforming capabilities, and assessing throughput performance of the devices via MIMO techniques.