Newsletter | October 8, 2020

10.08.20 -- Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies

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Conducted And Over The Air Antenna Array Testing – The Way To 5G

5G networks need to be designed to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering overall systems operation expenses. This paper discusses various test solutions that can address current and future requirements for antenna verification, including conducted and over-the-air test methods.

Telecommunications Testing Using AR Amplifiers

This application note explores a number of testing requirements for telecommunication devices and how to benefit from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s products. The paper will cover two broad categories of device testing — characterization and reliability — within mid to high power systems.

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60 GHz Phased Array Antenna Design Using XFdtd For WiGig Application Presentation

In this presentation, Remcom discusses analyzing and optimizing an aperture coupled 1x4 patch antenna array with a compact, fan-shaped feeding network for operation in 60 GHz band using Remcom’s full-wave electromagnetic simulation product, XFdtd. We also demonstrate superposition and antenna array optimization. 

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AR Modular RF Amplifier Catalog

AR Modular RF products have a variety of uses in a number of diverse applications including military, government and civil communication systems, manufacturing processes and testing, as well as in high-tech medical equipment, remote data collections, and weather monitoring systems.

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DC To 3 GHz Fixed Attenuator
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DC To 22 GHz Distributed Amplifier
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Fast Switching-Speed Low-Capacitance Plastic-Packaged PIN Diodes
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