Newsletter | April 23, 2020

04.23.20 -- Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies

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Wilkinson Power Dividers White Paper

The PDW05758 from DLI is a surface mount, thin film power divider designed to utilize a three section Wilkinson topology. This white paper provides an in depth overview of the PDW05758, the process of its power conversion, the basics of its thermal modeling and thermal measurements.

Your Connectivity Primer: Solutions That Span The IoT Space

There’s no doubt about it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is generating a lot of excitement and there’s no shortage of new applications on the horizon. From smart homes to connected cars to the wireless infrastructure that manages it all – take a look at the mounting advancements in IoT and where new technologies come into play.

Wireless Charging Applications Using XFdtd EM Simulation Software

Wireless power transfer is an emerging technology used in many applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and biomedical implants, and will undoubtedly see continued growth over the next decade and beyond. This presentation demonstrates how XFdtd can be used to simulate and analyze wireless charging systems.

GNSS Receiver Stimulation On Automotive Test Beds For Self-Driving Cars

Integrating the R&S®SMBV100B GNSS simulator into the AVL DRIVINGCUBE toolchain creates new possibilities for validating advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions at the vehicle level. Combining a complete vehicle on a vehicle test bed with physical sensor stimulation results in fast, reproducible and cost-efficient testing. All possible driving scenarios can be executed under realistic and safe conditions.

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Radio Coverage Planning for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Including 5G

This webinar will give an overview of WinProp's capabilities for the radio planning with real use cases showing the performance of WinProp in topographical, built-up, industrial, and indoor scenarios including live demonstrations at the end.

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Strategies For Deploying RFSoC Technology For SIGINT And Radar Applications Presentation

RFSoC technology has revolutionized the FPGA chip landscape by including on-chip A/D and D/A functionality and ARM processors in addition to the already expansive FPGA and processing resources available for custom applications. This presentation compliments the webinar by discussing how RFSoC offers a powerful and unique solution for addressing some of the most demanding requirements of high-bandwidth and high-channel-count systems.

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20 MHz To 6.0 GHz GaAs SPDT Switch
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
2 To 8 GHz 8-Port Transceiver Test System
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JFW Industries, Inc.
RF Switch Control Platform Base Unit
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