Newsletter | April 22, 2021

04.22.21 -- Understanding And Guarding Against Electromagnetic Interference

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Measuring Multi-Antenna Isolation Using A Multiport VNA

Higher densities of Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver antennas on many platforms is a result of the expansion of wireless technology. Knowing the actual antenna to antenna isolation allows engineers to assess the filtering requirements in wireless receivers. 

Understanding And Guarding Against Electromagnetic Interference

EMI protection is a fundamental element of system design, but poor prioritization, unexpected sources of interference, or a lack of in-house answers can leave designers stumped for solutions.

At mmWave Frequencies, Surface Mount Components Are Key To Reducing Cost

Commercial systems are subject to intense price pressure, making both the purchase cost and the implementation cost of a component important factors in selecting devices for a new design. Another key consideration is likely size constraints and the need to preserve valuable board space.

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High Gain LNA For Small Cell, Cellular 5G NR, And Base Station Applications

Compatible with the previously released SKY67183-396LF and SKY67189-396LF, the SKY67181-396LF by Skyworks is a high gain, LNA. Applications include small cells, massive MIMO, macro basestations, and more.

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eBook Focus On: Tactical Communications - Radios Can't Take Chances

Wireless communication is often taken for granted due to its reliability and effectiveness, but perhaps less so by a soldier whose life may depend upon it. Tactical radios and communications systems must work, and work all the time, even when an enemy may be trying to shut it down with jamming signals and other forms of high-energy electromagnetic (EM) interference. This eBook discusses the importance of radios and other tactical communication systems, and solutions for increasing their performance levels.

Featured Products And Services
20 To 5,000 MHz 1P8T RF Switch For Economical Automated RF Testing: 50S-2133 SMA

The 50S-2133 SMA from JFW is a solid-state, self-terminating 1P8T RF switch designed for economical automated RF testing applications in the 20 to 5,000 MHz frequency range.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
SAW Based Triplexer Filter Module: QPQ1214

The QPQ1214 by Qorvo is a SAW based triplexer filter module. This module was specifically designed in a 4 x 5 mm package, comprised of three SAW dies and passive SMT components.

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0.7 to 6 GHz 16 Channel RF Distribution System: RFDS-16ch

AR offers the Model RFDS-16CH equipment package consisting of RF power amplifiers, an analog signal generator, a coupler, and power splitters providing 16 channels at more than 3W and up to 6 GHz. The equipment is housed in a 12U enclosure and the AC mains power distribution and control is provided along with all the necessary interconnect cables.

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Wolfspeed RF Products And Services

Wolfspeed offers experience and expertise in the development and commercialization of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) technologies. Their GaN HEMTs and MMICs are designed to enable enhanced innovation, performance and efficiency across a broad spectrum of RF and microwave applications for both the commercial and military markets.

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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company