Newsletter | April 4, 2019

04.04.19 -- Understanding 5G Coexistence Testing Requirements

Featured Article
Throughput Of A 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System In An Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming
By Remcom

Wireless InSite's high-fidelity MIMO calculations predict system throughput and bit error rate.  This example demonstrates throughput analysis between three small-cell base stations employing FD-MIMO beamforming to User Equipment (UE) moving along a route, using 5G New Radio in a dense urban environment.

Understanding 5G Coexistence Testing Requirements
White Paper | Keysight Technologies

Device designers must ensure that new 5G NR designs meet target performance and coexist with 4G, Wi-Fi, and other wireless communication systems sharing overlapping spectrum. This white paper discusses the issue of 5G spectrum coexistence issues and presents techniques for minimizing interference and operating in shared spectrum.

Making BLE Mesh Simple: A Practical Startup Guide For Designing And Provisioning BLE Mesh Devices
White Paper | By Mahendra Tailor, Laird Connectivity

This white paper shares insights on how to make BLE Mesh accessible and intuitive for product engineers and wireless network provisioners to use. While the underlying technology is complex, it is possible to get the Mesh up and running by simply focusing on a few tasks at a time.

High-Power RF Pulse Generation And Measurement
White Paper | AR

AR now offers high-power solid state pulsed amplifiers at various frequency ranges and output power levels to meet several standards. This paper presents some features and benefits of AR’s new line of amplifiers, and how to generate high speed and accurate peak RF power measurement capabilities.

Spectral Efficiency And Filter Temperature Stability
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This article discusses the use of he Shannon-Hartley Theorem in the context of 5G mmWave applications and how it may be used to find the number of bits/second expected in each section of bandwidth. This, in turn, relates to spectral efficiency and filter temperature stability.

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Featured Multimedia
How To Overcome Obstacles In The Development Of Automotive Touch Applications Using A Specialized Software Solution

Automotive companies involved in touch sensor development, from material suppliers to OEMs, are currently facing three major issues: Too many iterations, strict automotive regulations as well as slow and expensive prototyping. This webinar demonstrates how to effectively tackle these issues and streamline your development process, establish smooth collaboration, and speed up time-to-market.

Bulletin Board
Physical Layer Modeling Principles Of 5G New Radio

This on-demand webinar presents a cross-domain, model-based simulation approach to evaluate throughput performance of the mmWave channel and beamforming array antenna with hardware impairments and reference baseband models that support the 3GPP NR standard.