News | June 5, 2014

Ultra-Compact MIMO Wi-Fi Antenna For USB And HDMI Dongles From Galtronics Provides High-Performance Connectivity

Toronto, ON (Marketwired) - Galtronics Corporation Ltd., a Baylin Technologies (TSX: BYL) company, has developed a compact, high-performance embedded 2x2 MIMO Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna that supports both single-band and dual-band Wi-Fi applications, including the streaming of high-definition (HD) video.

The integration of this antenna in USB and HDMI stick products provides performance levels not seen in typical Wi-Fi dongle products, with good isolation between the two antenna channels and high antenna efficiency in a small form factor that supports high speed data connectivity. Galtronics has been developing and manufacturing technology leading antennas for wireless networking devices for more than 35 years, and its patented technology at work in this product will also support the most demanding Wi-Fi applications.

"Galtronics recognizes the market trend for HDMI dongles to play an increasingly large role in home entertainment, potentially replacing set-top boxes with a central media server and an HDMI stick for each TV to enable HD-quality video streaming via Wi-Fi," said Cliff Connors, Vice President, Networking & Telemetry Division, Galtronics. "This leading-edge MIMO antenna provides excellent performance in a small form factor, and will allow dongle manufacturers to capitalize on that trend."

The antenna module is designed to be integrated during the Industrial Design and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout stage of dongle product development. It features simple integration and can be snapped directly onto the dongle or stick PCB. The high-performance antenna is fed directly from the PCB radio via microstrip lines, without the additional cost of cables, connections or soldering.

"Galtronics continues to innovate," said Ephraim Ulmer, President and CEO. "This antenna is another example of the value the company is providing to its customers. We consider the entire ecosystem for a device, and designed an antenna product tailored for the competitive Wi-Fi space that achieves superior RF performance as well as reduced costs for our customers."

Supported frequency bands include single-band 2.4 GHz, single-band 5 GHz, and dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz.

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About Galtronics
Galtronics Corporation Ltd., a Baylin Technologies (TSX: BYL) Company, is a global company providing innovative antenna and communications solutions of the highest quality and design. Headquartered in Tiberias, Israel, with locations in North America, Europe and the Far East, Galtronics has state-of-the art design centers around the globe as well as world class manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. The company offers custom and off-the-shelf antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world's leading wireless organizations. Since our establishment in 1978, our business has grown into an international platform with operations in North America and

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Headquartered in Toronto, Baylin (TSX: BYL) is a global technology company in the wireless space with 35 years of experience in designing products and supplying innovative antennas. We strive to meet customer needs by being a trusted partner from initial design to production. Our antennas have become industry benchmark with an extensive portfolio of leading edge off-the-shelf antenna products as well as custom engineered solutions to meet the specifications of our customers in the mobile, broadband, and wireless infrastructure markets.

SOURCE: Galtronics