Newsletter | September 14, 2022

09.14.22 -- To Infinity And Beyond: High Reliability Space-Qualified Components

Understanding The Nuances Of Space-Level Filter Qualification And Screening

High-quality, reliable electronic components are a necessity for space applications. After all, when launching mission-critical equipment and people into space, there is absolutely no room for failure. 

Build-To-Print Basics: Military And Space Grade Applications

It takes high-quality and high-reliability electronic components to meet the rigorous standards required for military and space applications. After all, when launching expensive mission-critical equipment into space or using highly sophisticated electronic warfare devices to protect your citizens, there is no room for failure.

High-Reliability Microwave Component Technology Enables Space Innovation

Demand for space-ready components is exponentially increasing, and the technology needed to control and transmit satellite data has changed from mechanically controlled parabolic or dish technology to active electronically steered arrays (AESAs).

Capacitors In Space: Specifications For High Reliability

Every single system contributes to the success of a space project, so they must maintain high quality and safety standards for long durations. Building and maintaining high-reliability applications is an expensive endeavor, especially if the team needs to send parts back to the ground for repair.

One Stop For All Your Microwave And Filtering Needs

The Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand of technologies now offers a complete range of RF and microwave filtering solutions including custom ceramic filters, resonators, diplexers, and more.

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RF Filters For Space Applications

The Knowles world-class engineering team understands the challenges of developing components for space, including meeting SWaP (size, weight, and power) requirements and rigorous testing standards.

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