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06.03.21 -- The Path To 5G | What Is RF Testing?

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Indoor Connected Home Smart Speaker Wi-Fi Router Performance Analysis Using XFdtd

In this example, Remcom uses XFdtd to demonstrate the performance of a MU-MIMO WiFi routerwith antenna arrays for 2.4, 5, and 6-7 GHz ranges. The maximum coverage possible with different antenna array combinations is discussed to demonstrate the performance capabilities of the device.

What Is RF Testing?

RF testing is an important and necessary part of product development for those products intentionally or un-intentionally producing or subjected to RF. In many cases testing is based on harmonized national, and regional test standards, or on the basis of industry, or product families.

Helping Customers Move Toward A 5G Future

As wireless communications networks look to a 5G future, the test and measurement industry faces significant challenges in meeting the revolution head on. To accommodate the huge array of devices and applications the market will require, 5G will be more a leap forward than a step up.

5 GHz Wi-Fi Coexistence With 5G Cellular For Improved User Experience

The ever-increasing demand for higher data rates and reduced buffering times has driven the continuous evolution of cellular communication and transmission. 5G promises to take performance to levels never seen before, with mounting pressure to deploy 5G handsets faster than any previous cellular standard.

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Analog Devices' Next Generation 5G mmW Radio From Bits-To-Beams

Analog Devices' Next Generation 5G mmW Signal Chain solutions are here! See a complete Bits-To-Beams system with the all new MxFE AD9082, ADMV1017 Microwave Up/Down Converter, and the ADMV4801, 16 Channel Analog Beamformer.

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Ultra-Wideband For Dummies

This book reveals how UWB will shape the world around us and help businesses, consumers, and industries. It delivers a general understanding of UWB and the different topologies used based on the application. It also paints the picture of a UWB enabled world with current, and future, applications.

Featured Products And Services
Handheld Vector Network Analyzer: R&S ZNH

The R&S ZNH from Rohde & Schwarz is a full two-port handheld vector network analyzer, offering one-port cable and antenna measurement and full two-port S-parameter measurements. The analyzer features a small form factor but can deliver high performance and all the key functionalities.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
100 Watt Fixed Attenuator DC-3GHz With 2.25″ Diameter: 50FHLB-XXX-100

Model 50FHLB-xxx-100 is a uni-directional 100 Watt fixed attenuator that operates DC-3 GHz. It has a heatsink that is only 2.25 inches in diameter. It is available with 50 Ohm coaxial RF connectors N, 4.3/10, or 7/16.  It is currently available with attenuation values 10, 20, or 30dB. There are mounting holes (8-32 threads) on both ends of the heatsink.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Digital Controlled RF Phase Shifter: CMIPS-4080B5S

The CMIPS-4080B5S from Corry Micronics is a 5-Bit SMT Dispersive Phase Shifter. These digitally-controlled phase shifters feature up to 10 bit resolution and up to 100’s of watts, with several capabilities.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
SunAR Broadband Directional Antennas for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Applications

SunAR, formerly Sunol Sciences Corporation, offers a family of Directional Antennas designed for transmitting and receiving wireless communications signals. Each antenna features broadband characteristics and an innovative design enabling them to operate over wide frequency ranges with constant gain and long-lasting strength and performance.

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Surface Mount Directional Couplers

Dielectric Labs Inc. (DLI) introduces a series of surface mount directional couplers designed to offer a turnkey surface mount solution for high frequency incident and reflected power monitoring. These directional couplers span the C, X, and Ku band frequency spectrums, and are available with 10dB and 20dB coupling values, and a common footprint for maximum flexibility.

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Knowles Precision Devices DLI