Newsletter | May 30, 2019

05.30.19 -- The Future Of IoT Will Require LTE Connectivity

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The Future Of IoT Will Require LTE Connectivity
By Sri Sridharan, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

As the promise of a wirelessly connected world becomes a reality, there is a growing need for LTE technologies that address low cost, long battery life, security, and reduced complexity — all critical components for IoT.

Duplex, Duplexer, Diplexer?
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

One of the things all technical disciplines excel at is creating terminology that can trip up those who are not accustomed to speaking the language every day. This article takes the words “duplex,” “duplexer,” and “diplexer,” and defines their vastly different meanings.

Connectivity For Next-Generation Mobility
White Paper | TE Connectivity

This white paper describes TE Connectivity’s vision for the next generation of mobility and its impact on vehicle architectures. It also shares how TE’s technology and portfolio address critical connectivity challenges the industry is experiencing.

When Choosing Test Equipment, Don’t Forget The Interface
White Paper | JFW Industries, Inc.

A complex testing scheme usually involves integrating multiple pieces of equipment from multiple manufacturers. This article discusses the differences in proprietary and generic interfaces, the benefits each type has to offer, and offers some solutions to potential interface barriers and how to remove them.

Introduction To Specifying RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers For EMC Testing
Application Note | AR

Historically, amplifier selection for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing was based mainly on tribal knowledge and information scattered across the EMC industry. However, proper EMC amplifier selection is an important step in achieving required RF levels. This application note provides the EMC test engineer or technician with the information necessary to make the proper decision.

Introduction To Qorvo’s 100 MHz ET For 5G
Application Note | Qorvo

With the rise in handset RF complexity, envelope tracking (ET) has become the optimal choice for RF power amplification in mobile handsets. This application note discusses Qorvo’s 100 MHz envelope tracking integrated circuit (ETIC) for 5G applications.

5G Network Filtering
Brochure | Corry Micronics, Inc.

Corry Micronics offers an array of components for 5G network filtering applications.

Industry News
Featured Multimedia
Altair Compose For Generation Of Antenna Array Excitations

This video demonstration will show how Altair Compose allows the automatic generation of antenna ray excitations with seamless calculations.

Bulletin Board
IMS Preview: Electrostatic Discharge Testing In XFdtd

Remcom will be previewing a number of new ESD simulation features coming soon in XFdtd at IMS 2019. Engineers will be able to utilize ESD simulator waveforms, define the dielectric strength of materials, and easily locate weaknesses in their ESD design.  Remcom's EM software suite for complete end-to-end design of complex devices and wireless 5G communication systems will also be featured.

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