Newsletter | March 19, 2020

03.19.20 -- Tackling Thermal Challenges In The Wi-Fi Front-End

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Connectivity Q&A: Tackling Thermal Challenges In The Wi-Fi Front-End
By Qorvo

Tony Testa continues his Wi-Fi Tech and Trends series with practical advice on overcoming thermal challenges in today’s smaller, sleeker, mesh network devices. With his 20 plus years of experience supporting industry alliance activities and customers, he helps engineers create state-of-the-art RF solutions that have a profound impact on our daily life.

Introduction To Specifying RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers For EMC Testing
Application Note | AR

Historically, amplifier selection for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing was based mainly on tribal knowledge and information scattered across the EMC industry. This application note provides the EMC test engineer or technician with the information necessary to make the proper decision.

World’s Smallest 5G Massive IoT Solution: SKY66430-11
Brochure | Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The SKY66430-11 is a multi-band multi-chip System-in-Package (SiP) supporting cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT platforms for use in wearables, alarm systems, security cameras, industrial monitoring devices, and low-power IoT devices. The SiP integrates the entire RF front end, transceiver, power management, memory, and baseband modem for an LTE multi-band radio operating in the 700 to 2200 MHz frequency range.

mMIMO Enables 5G, GaN On SiC Enables mMIMO
Article | Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (mMIMO) is critical to 5G delivering on its promise of a cellular network. While MIMO typically uses two or more transmitters and receivers to send and receive more data at once, mMIMO extends that concept by significantly increasing the number of antennas on a single array. 

Power Combiner, Directional Coupler, Crossguide Coupler And Waveguide To Coax Adapter
Article | SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

Historically, limited CW power was available in the mmWave frequency range. Therefore, power handling was not a major concern for most customers. As semiconductor advancement and applications of such increased in scope, technology such as the GaN enables the expansion of 5G, IoT, small satellite, and many other commercial, aerospace, and military systems. Due to this, the specification for higher power handling capacity is required for even high frequency devices.

Directional Couplers
Brochure | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

Dielectric Labs Inc. (DLI) introduces a series of surface mount directional couplers that span the C, X, and Ku band frequency spectrums, and are available with 10dB and 20dB coupling values, and a common footprint for maximum flexibility. 


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Benefits Of Software Defined Radio

Bob Muro of Pentek, Inc. talked to us about the importance of software defined radio in 5G networks.

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Using EM Simulation For 5G Design E-Book

5G is pushing the boundaries of wireless communications and wireless device design. New innovations are needed to accommodate increased requirements for enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable, low-latency communications. These application examples demonstrate how Remcom’s software can be used to solve challenges related to 5G and MIMO use cases such as MIMO and array design, 5G urban small cells, fixed wireless access, indoor Wi-Fi and millimeter-wave, beamforming, and more.