Step-Down regulator With Auto-Bypass LDO: SKY87000-13

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Step-Down regulator With Auto-Bypass LDO: SKY87000-13

The SKY87000-13 is the new step-down regulator from Skyworks with an auto-bypass LDO designed to dynamically control the operating voltage of multi-band, multi-mode WCDMA or GSM/EDGE power amplifiers. The regulator has an output voltage between 0.40 and 4.25 V that is controlled by an analog signal from the baseband processor, and provides the optimum efficiency for all operating states.

The SKY87000-13 supports up to 2 A of total load current with step-down and bypass regulations, and has a 2 MHz switching frequency that is optimized for a typical 2.2 μH inductor and reduced output capacitance. An 85 mΩ bypass linear regulator is included to improve system performance by powering the PA directly from the battery. The bypass regulator output voltage is offset from the step-down regulator, which improves extreme load transient and dynamic output transition performance.

For additional features, specifications, and ordering information, download the datasheet.