Newsletter | August 8, 2019

08.08.19 -- Spectral Efficiency And Filter Temperature Stability In 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications

Featured Article
Spectral Efficiency And Filter Temperature Stability
By Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This article discusses the use of the Shannon-Hartley Theorem in the context of 5G millimeter-wave applications and how it may be used to find the number of bits/second expected in each section of bandwidth. This, in turn, relates to spectral efficiency and filter temperature stability.

Throughput Of A 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System In An Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming
Application Note | Remcom

Wireless InSite's high-fidelity MIMO calculations predict system throughput and bit error rate.  This example demonstrates throughput analysis between three small-cell base stations employing FD-MIMO beamforming to User Equipment (UE) moving along a route, using 5G New Radio in a dense urban environment.

Test Strategies For The Internet of Things
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

The Internet of Things is providing exciting opportunities to enhance products for consumer, industrial, medical and others. This paper discusses these unlicensed wireless connections and the special testing required to meet government regulations for IoT devices with a primary focus on the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

The AR “Orange Book Of Knowledge” - 50th Anniversary Edition
Application Note | AR

The Orange Book of Knowledge (OBK) has grown into much more than we at AR could have ever imagined. For many engineers, this resource book has turned into the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC.


Featured Multimedia
High Performance Filter Technology Video

This video highlights Skyworks’ TC-SAW and BAW filter capabilities.

5G In 60: RF Challenges In 5G Infrastructure

Within infrastructure, higher frequency ranges are increasing the size of the 5G network footprint. Can you keep up? This video introduces Qorvo’s solutions.

Bulletin Board
Webinar: ESD Testing And Damage Prediction Using XFdtd

XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software simulates electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing, enabling engineers to identify potential locations of dielectric breakdown and components at risk of damage in their device designs.  In this webinar, Remcom will introduce XF’s collection of ESD simulation features and demonstrate how to minimize the chance of undetected damage prior to hardware testing.