Newsletter | July 30, 2020

07.30.20 -- Scientists Develop Novel Transparent Broadband EMI Shielding Materials

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Ensuring Test Site Compliance for Radiated Emissions With Normalized Site Attenuation

This application note provides a synopsis of Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) and Reference Site Method measurements which indicate a challenging but important aspect of radiated emissions measurements on an OATS, SAC, or FAR.  A compliant test site produces repeatable test results and instills confidence in both customers and test personnel.

Understanding And Guarding Against Electromagnetic Interference

EMI protection is a fundamental element of system design, but poor prioritization, unexpected sources of interference, or a lack of in-house answers can leave designers stumped for solutions.

Today’s RF Power Applications Require Understanding Equivalent Series Resistance And Q Factor

As a fundamental component of circuit design, equivalent series resistance (ESR) is the measurement of all the non-ideal electrical resistances in series with a capacitor. When current flows through a multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) due to application of alternating voltage, heat is generated in the MLCC due to the losses, specifically ESR. As a result, this self-heating can cause various performance and reliability issues in the circuits of today’s more complex and smaller electronic systems. 

Transforming The Retail Experience – Top Four RF Opportunities

The global coronavirus crisis is placing unprecedented pressure on the retail industry. While it’s unknown how consumer behavior will adapt, retailers will likely accelerate the integration of their online and offline presence if they haven’t already. They will also double down on investment in Smart Retail solutions that strengthen their position amid this transformation of retail.

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Introduction Of AR Modular RF’s AR5000 Series

AR Modular RF’s AR-5000 Series comprises wideband, Class A/AB linear amplifiers designed for use with modern digital modulations. Engineered with a flexible system architecture, AR-5000 Series amplifiers are tailored to meet specific user needs over the frequency range of 80 kHz to 1000 MHz and power range of up to 1000 Watts CW and 4000 Watts peak. In this video, Joe Craig introduces the first model in the AR5000 series.

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Benefits Of GaN Technology For Electronic Warfare And Radar Applications

This webinar addresses how GaN components are influencing radar and EW designs, and how best to leverage the technology in the RF and microwave industry.

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