Newsletter | May 26, 2022

05.26.22 -- Rohde & Schwarz Paves Way For Mandatory Mobile Device RRM Certification From GCF For 5G NR FR2 Frequencies

Effects Of Mobility On mmWave Beamforming In Dynamic, Urban Environments

In 5G and 6G, mmWaves promise new, high bandwidth frequency bands, but propagation losses and fast fading pose challenges. Learn how massive MIMO beamforming at mitigates mmWave propagation challenges using Wireless InSite and its mmWave hybrid beamformer.

Filter Basics Series Part 2: Designing Basic Filter Circuits

In part two of this series, Knowles covers how RF designers can use the different frequency dependencies of capacitors and inductors to manipulate impedance and create various filter responses. 

USB Powered 5.8 GHz RF LNA Receiver With Output Power Protection

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) allocates the unlicensed 5.8 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio frequency band for use worldwide. Advancements in wireless technologies and standards, as well as minimal regulatory compliance requirements, have made this frequency band popular for short range, wireless communication systems.

How A Flexible Upstream Architecture In Amplifiers & Nodes Can Meet Higher Split Requirements

The broadband hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network has had unprecedented increase in demand since March of 2021. Internet traffic has increased 25% to 45% around the world over this time. Multiple system operators (MSOs) around the globe are evaluating the latest DOCSIS specifications to upgrade their current networks to meet this increased demand.

Fundamentals Of DC Power Supplies

Rohde & Schwarz is known for providing innovative performance testing solutions and applies its expertise and high quality standards to its portfolio of essential bench instruments – the R&S Essentials. Their industry-defining portfolio ranges from oscilloscopes, DC power supplies and signal generators to spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, meters and counters with the strategic goal of becoming a full portfolio supplier in the T&M market.

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