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12.09.21 -- Reimagining Antenna Design Solutions For Next-Generation Mobile Devices

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Head-To-Head Coaxial Interconnect Vs. OTA Testing For 5G

One of the biggest changes is the ability of test engineers to perform over-the-air (OTA) testing, something not historically possible with past generations of wireless devices, due to FCC regulation and spectrum licensing law. OTA testing has the potential to revolutionize wireless device testing while enabling innovative testing of both advanced antenna systems (AAS) and antenna array technology.

5 GHz Wi-Fi Coexistence With 5G Cellular For Improved User Experience

The ever-increasing demand for higher data rates and reduced buffering times has driven the continuous evolution of cellular communication and transmission. 5G promises to take performance to levels never seen before, with mounting pressure to deploy 5G handsets faster than any previous cellular standard.

Reimagining Antenna Design Solutions For Next-Generation Mobile Devices

Qorvo Antenna Solutions Reimagined (QASR) is uniquely placed to help smartphone engineers solve the antenna challenges in next-generation smartphones and other devices. QASR helps navigate space, design and performance challenges to harness the true power of antennas in RF architectures.

Two-Channel Measurement Of Range Gate Pull-Off Jamming

Jamming works by increasing the power ratio of a jammer relative to a victim radar. Measure rage gate pull-off jamming using R&S®RTP high-performance oscilloscopes and the R&S®VSE-K6A phased array measurement option.

RF And Microwave Machining Capabilities

Corry Micronics offers custom machined RF and microwave housings with the fastest turn-around times in the industry. Housings will be machined to specifications within tolerances of ±001”. Housing materials include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and engineered plastics for lightweight alternatives. Optional coatings include electroless nickel, gold, silver, and white bronze.

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Webinar: XFdtd’s Schematic Editor For Matching Network And Corporate Feed Network Analysis

In this webinar, learn about XFdtd’s schematic editor and frequency-domain circuit solver for analyzing matching networks and corporate feed networks.

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SunAR Broadband Directional Antennas For Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Applications

SunAR, formerly Sunol Sciences Corporation, offers a family of Directional Antennas designed for transmitting and receiving wireless communications signals for broadband wireless, EMC testing, signal monitoring and detection, and MIMO applications. Each antenna features broadband characteristics and an innovative design enabling them to operate over wide frequency ranges with constant gain and long-lasting strength and performance.

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Asymmetric Doherty Amplifier: QPD0012

The QPD0012 is a dual-path discrete GaN on SiC HEMT in DFN package which operates from 2.5 to 2.7 GHz. The device is a single-stage power amplifier transistor for Doherty application.

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Transmit/Receive Dual Polarization Beamformer (SOI) (37.0 GHz To 43.5 GHz): ADMV4928

The ADMV4928 is a silicon on insulator (SOI), 37.0 GHz to 43.5 GHz, mmW 5G beamformer. The RF integrated circuit (RFIC) is highly integrated and contains 16 independent transmit and receive channels. The ADMV4928 supports eight horizontal and eight vertical polarized antennas via independent RFV and RFH input/outputs.

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