Newsletter | August 29, 2019

08.29.19 -- Redefining 5G New Radio Drive Testing

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Redefining 5G New Radio Drive Testing
By Keysight Technologies

As 5G NR networks are deployed, live network testing is needed to ensure network coverage and Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, QoE testing in 5G NR will get more complicated due to changes in the network architecture. This means traditional testing will not reflect the true service quality as seen by an application. QoE field testing will need to be tested at the application layer to address the 5G NR QoE measurement challenge and translate the user experience into measurable KPIs.

NewSpace Terminal Testing Challenges And Considerations
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

NewSpace networks and terminal vendors need to thoroughly test wireless communication systems and components to ensure uninterrupted operation and high quality of service. This white paper focuses primarily on the challenges ground terminals (user terminals and gateway terminals) present to design verification testing and manufacturing. Conducted and radiated test solutions are also discussed.

Using EM Simulation For 5G Design E-Book
E-Book | Remcom

5G is pushing the boundaries of wireless communications and wireless device design. New innovations are needed in order to accommodate increased requirements for enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable, low latency communications. This collection of application examples is written by Remcom’s engineers. They demonstrate how Remcom’s software can be used to solve challenges related to 5G and MIMO use cases such as MIMO and array design, 5G urban small cells, fixed wireless access, indoor WiFi and mmWave, beamforming, and more.

How Wireless RF And Microwaves Affect The World Around You
Article | NuWaves Engineering

Learning, teaching, communicating, entertainment, and healthcare have been sculpted around wireless RF technologies. This article dives into the use of RF and microwave technologies in our daily lives, from the largest satellites orbiting earth to the radios conservationists use in Africa.

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SkyOne Ultra 5.0 Video Introduction

Skyworks introduces the SkyOne Ultra 5.0, a highly integrated front-end solution for premium mobile device and smartphone manufacturers worldwide utilizing Skyworks' powerful SkyBlue technology for industry-leading efficiency.

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2019 Global Altair Technology Conference

Altair invites you to be part of the conversation with industry leaders and technology experts to discuss how new solutions are transforming design and decision making at the 2019 Global Altair Technology Conference.