Newsletter | January 28, 2021

01.28.21 -- Recommendations For Improvement: Passive RF Mounting And PCB Integration

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Using Wavefarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software And Chirp Doppler To Assess Radar Performance For Drive Scenarios

This presentation demonstrates ray-tracing and scattering simulations from Remcom’s WaveFarer combined with chirp Doppler analysis algorithms to assess radar performance for drive scenario simulations.

5G Evolution – On The Path To 6G

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular technology started its growth in 2018 with Release 15, and its final phase of completion will happen in Release 17 in December of 2021. While Release 15 provides a solid framework for enhanced network performance and mass offering of amazing services, 3GPP is actively working on further enhancing the framework to build up to 6G networks around 2030.

Recommendations For Improvement: Passive RF Mounting And PCB Integration

To ensure Knowles Precision Devices (KPD) customers achieve optimal performance and are successful with our products, the company has compiled a number of techniques to mitigate PCB variation and reduce the unwanted effects of microstrip technology (e.g. cross talk and radiation).

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