Newsletter | June 4, 2020

06.04.20 -- PIN Diode Basics | The Rebirth Of HF

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Combining Bluetooth And Low Power Cellular For IoT: Practical Design Considerations And Innovative Use Cases

This goal of this article is to help engineers successfully prepare for and execute their first cellular IoT design projects without needing to have the same level of expertise as a deeply specialized RF engineer, allowing the completion of projects with practical information and advice that product engineers can immediately put to use.

PIN Diode Basics

A PIN diode is essentially a variable resistor. This white paper from Skyworks Solutions provides an introduction to the basic theory of variable resistance in PIN diodes as well as breakdown voltage capacitance. Also reviewed are the various aspects of PIN diodes, including switching considerations, temperature effects on forward resistance, and specifying PIN diodes for various applications.

The Rebirth Of HF

HF, or “high frequency” technology, usually refers to signals with frequencies in the 3 MHz to 30 MHz range, all though, many practical cases extend these frequencies as low as 1.5 MHz. Government, military, and commercial broadcasters can reach listeners worldwide using HF frequencies. This paper explores the unique properties of HF that enable global communications.

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Video Demo: Comtest Unique Features In Semi-Anechoic And RF Shielded Rooms

Comtest Engineering provides a number of outstanding EMC shielding and test chambers supported by AR technologies that are demonstrated in this video.

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Webinar: Installed Antenna Performance And RFI

This webinar demonstrates how EMA and Dayton Granger provide customers with critical insight on the behavior of their RF components, allowing the customer to anticipate and avoid interference problems. It also discusses how knowledge of the out-of-band performance of antennas, filters, and RF systems (e.g., transmitters and receivers) allows for surgical mitigation of RF interference. 

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Six Channel Digital Pulse/Delay Generator
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4 To 18 GHz Ultra-Wideband High-Power Solid-State Gan RF Amplifier Module
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