Newsletter | May 9, 2019

05.09.19 -- Optimizing Performance And Cost For Millimeter-Wave Signal Analysis

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Optimizing Performance And Cost For Millimeter-Wave Signal Analysis
By Keysight Technologies

mmWave systems considered for next-gen commercial wireless require test instrumentation that keeps pace with the performance requirements of these systems. This app note discusses advances in mmWave signal analysis and instrumentation.

Introduction To A High Efficiency, High Density, Switched Capacitor Converter For High Power Applications
Application Note | By Jian Li, Jeff Zhang, Ya Liu, and Marvin Macairan, Analog Devices, Inc.

The LTC7820 is a fixed ratio, high voltage, high power switched capacitor controller that yields small and cost-effective solutions for high power, non-isolated intermediate bus applications with fault protection. This application note discusses the LTC7820 in detail and how it is used in these high-power applications.

Filtering Components For 5G Networks
Product | Corry Micronics, Inc.

As 5G testing continues to grow and demand more requirements for filtering components. Corry Micronics (CMI) has developed all types of filtering using different technologies, and several that have been allocated for 5G. At lower frequencies in the US market centered around 600 MHz, filtering can be easily, and cost competitively designed using several different filtering technologies. Types of filters range from LC to cavity, combline, interdigital, Helical, ceramic resonator, and tubular.

RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter Wave Applications
White Paper | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This white paper discusses mmWave 5G communications. The paper also offers a guide for available RF filtering options at these frequencies, review mmWave frequencies and their applications, and cover what filtering technologies will be available for use at mmWave frequencies.

Wireless Charging Applications Using XFdtd® EM Simulation Software
Presentation | Remcom

Wireless power transfer is an emerging technology used in many applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and biomedical implants, and will undoubtedly see continued growth over the next decade and beyond.  This presentation demonstrates how XFdtd can be used to simulate and analyze wireless charging systems.

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Introducing Sky5 Ultra Diversity Receive And MIMO LFEM Solutions

Skyworks introduces Sky5 Ultra solutions - their next generation of premium, baseband agnostic, diversity receive and MIMO solutions for the 5G global market. Check out the video for their new features, benefits, and standards for highest industry performance.

AR 50 Year Anniversary

AR has been bringing the RF and microwave industry new amplifier technologies for a half a century!

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Orange Book Of Knowledge: 7th Edition

The Orange Book Of Knowledge provides a broad overview of anything and everything related to EMC, RF technologies, and the products ideal for these ever-growing industry demands. The 7th edition contains 7 updated application notes, and 7 brand new application notes written by AR Application Engineers.