News | October 16, 2012

New AR Amplifier Instantaneously Covers The 1 - 6 GHz Frequency Band

Source: AR

Model 15S1G6 and 50S1G6 are single band 15 & 50 watt amplifiers that cover the 1 - 6 GHz frequency band

Solid-state amplifiers that cover the 1 - 6 GHz frequency band are not unusual. But they all require dual bands (two separate amplifiers) to provide high output power and good gain flatness to provide one with a useable instrument. That is, until AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation created the single band Models 15S1G6 & 50S1G6. They provide 15 & 50 watts of linear output power across the 1 – 6 GHz frequency band with excellent gain flatness.

The ability to use one band instead of two means you use less power, and don't require the amplifiers to be switched from one band to the other to perform the required tests. Along with excellent performance, it has a remote interface standard (a feature that is an extra with competitive amplifiers), a lower noise figure than other amplifiers, and it has an exceptional Output VSWR of 1.5:1.

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Source: AR