Newsletter | January 16, 2020

01.16.20 -- Nano Antennas For Data Transfer

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Antenna Considerations For Wi-Fi 6
By Laird Connectivity

With the increasing worldwide demand for wireless connectivity and the need for faster speeds and increased bandwidth, the Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology – Wi-Fi 6. This application note discusses Wi-Fi 6, how it will reduce power consumption, and how antennas and antenna systems must perform to function successfully in a Wi-Fi 6 world.

Introduction To RF Matrix Switch Types And Functionality
Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

There are many types of RF matrix switches with configurations that distribute RF signals in very different fashions. This app note describes the functionality of these types of switches, their advantages and disadvantage, and how to choose the best switch for each application.

How Big Is A Wavelength?
Article/Paper | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

In traditional arrays an inter element spacing of less than half the wavelength (<λ><λ/2) is required to mitigate grating lobes. To understand the shift in system design this brings about, this paper looks at the physical scale of different wavelengths compared to some familiar references.

Blueprint For 3 GHz, 25 Gbps DOCSIS
Article | Qorvo

Qorvo discusses the design layouts for a 3GHz, 25 Gbps DOCSIS with 1.8 GHz ESD as a steppingstone. Considerations on power consumption, coexistence with FDX, spectrum plans and interference from MoCA, LTE and Wi-Fi are discussed.

Throughput Of A 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System In An Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming
Application Note | Remcom

Wireless InSite's high-fidelity MIMO calculations predict system throughput and bit error rate.  This example demonstrates throughput analysis between three small-cell base stations employing FD-MIMO beamforming to User Equipment (UE) moving along a route, using 5G New Radio in a dense urban environment.

Industry News
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Altair Acquires Polliwog Co. Ltd, Growing Software Toolset For Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Altair has expanded into areas of systems simulation and electromagnetics. Altair’s Pollex PCB solvers and verification tools extend these capabilities into a new domain, allowing Altair to provide software for system-level design decisions.

Bulletin Board
5G And mmWave Testing Brochure

New technologies being deployed will need to rely on the performance of both high-power amplifiers on the transmit side, and low noise amplifiers on the receive side. Quantifying critical specifications like noise figure and noise power ratio can give radio and receiver designers a deep understanding of how the overall system will perform. Noisecom noises sources generate the broadband noise required to do this type of benchmarking and quantify component and system performance across the microwave and millimeter bands.