Military Communications Amplifier From AR Modular RF Receives JITC And MIL 810F Certification

Source: AR

Bothell, WA – The AR Modular RF division of AR Worldwide has announced that its Military Communications Amplifier, model KMW2030, and its associated low-noise preamplifier successfully completed JITC and MIL 810F testing and certification.

The JITC certification means the amplifier has met all requirements in all three MIL-STDs for both the Raytheon PSC- 5D and the Harris PRC-117F transceiver radios. The MIL 810F certifications means the amplifier has met the United States Army requirements in the following areas: Humidity, salt fog, sand and dust, altitude, rapid decompression, high and low temperatures, temperature shock, and physical shock and vibration.

The field-proven KMW2030 uniquely covers the entire 30 – 512 MHz band at a power level of 125W. It offers power level control, and has a built-in bias-T to operate its optional low noise amplifier for the SATCOM band.

The KMW2030 is among the latest entries in AR Modular's family of products developed for the demanding needs of the military. The company is well known for producing booster amplifiers and modules that are compact, flexible, and tough enough to withstand the most torturous battle conditions. AR Modular RF is also equipped to create variations of its military products to meet specific needs.

Like all AR Worldwide products, the KMW2030 Military Communications Amplifier is backed by AR Worldwide's commitment to delivering not only exceptional quality, but outstanding value. At all AR Worldwide companies, value is multi-dimensional. It includes innovative technology, advanced design, durability & longevity, mismatch capability, an unlimited support network, and less cost watt-for-watt than any other amplifier on the market.

The company supports its value proposition with an unsurpassed global support network and an exclusive "secondto- none, best-in-the-business" warranty.