Newsletter | November 24, 2021

11.24.21 -- Mid-Band Dominates 5G Spectrum Activities In Emerging Markets

Introducing The Highest Voltage, Smallest Footprint SLC On The Market – The V80 Bypass Capacitor

As RF and microwave systems require higher performance in a small footprint, designers and engineers need to get more out of every component, including capacitors. To meet these demands, Knowles Precision Devices has expanded its line of single-layer vertical electrode (V Series) capacitors to include the 100nF V80 Bypass Capacitor. 

Fully Digital Beamforming – An Excellent Option For Emerging Military Applications

As early adopters of beamforming technology in the 1960s, aerospace and defense organizations have a lot of experience using the initial large-scale active electronically scanned arrays (AESAs) for military radar tracking applications.

Two-Channel Measurement Of Range Gate Pull-Off Jamming

Jamming works by increasing the power ratio of a jammer relative to a victim radar. Measure rage gate pull-off jamming using R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscopes and the R&S®VSE-K6A phased array measurement option.

The Importance Of HTOL And Burn-In Testing Methods

5G technology is set to be installed at many base station locations that will be exposed to extreme outdoor temperatures. As a result, test systems have been developed, allowing component manufacturers to assure a high degree of the intended quality in response to these factors.

Simulation Of Massive MIMO Beamforming In An Urban Small Cell

This webinar uses Wireless InSite’s MIMO simulation capability to predict the multipath and channel characteristics for a Massive MIMO system in an urban small cell.  Beamforming techniques are applied to the simulation results in order to predict the beams to several mobile devices and observe how the beams change as one device moves along a route through the city. 

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An Introduction To 5G Open Ran Architecture, Solutions And ADI’s Newest Transceiver

This presentation from Analog Devices includes the introduction of the ADRV9029, O-RAN 4T4R O-RU reference design, and O-RAN Review Engagement and Commitment.

Qorvo Broadband Access, CATV & FTTH Product Selection Guide

Qorvo offers leading technology and comprehensive product solutions for demanding hybrid fiber coaxial and broadband applications. 

Featured Products And Services
Cavity Triplexer: CMIMUX3-90DB-03A

The CMIMUX3-90DB-03A is a cavity triplexer that operates within the L-band, S-band, and C-band frequencies. The triplexer is designed in a very compact size and with a bulkhead “N” connector for easy mounting to a bulkhead.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
Dual-Channel, Receiver Front End: ADRF5519

The ADRF5519 is a dual-channel, integrated RF, front-end multichip module designed for time division duplexing (TDD) applications that operates from 2.3 GHz to 2.8 GHz. The ADRF5519 is configured in dual channels with a cascading two stage low noise amplifier (LNA) and a high power silicon single pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch.

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