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10.06.22 -- MaxLinear Partners With RFHIC To Accelerate Deployment Of Ultra-Wideband 5G Power Amplifiers

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Wolfspeed RF GaN Meets 5G Demands On PA Design

Since creating the industry’s first GaN on SiC HEMT over two decades ago, Wolfspeed has enabled and driven the market by offering GaN on SiC products that effectively replace LDMOS parts in applications.

Testing A 24-28GHz Power Amplifier Using The 5G New Radio Test Standard, Challenges And Results

In this white paper, we will introduce some of the main challenges in test and measurement of a device at mmWave frequencies, with a 26 GHz pioneer band defined for the UK between 24.25 - 27.5 GHz.

EM Simulation Of 140 GHz Antenna Array For 6G Wireless Communication

In this example, a 140 GHz slot antenna array excited by a substrate integrated cavity is demonstrated for use in wireless communications.

Meeting The Unique Design Requirements For Leadless Pacemaker Electrical Components

In the last decade, Innovations in technology have led to the introduction of the leadless pacemaker, which is about 1/10th the size of a traditional pacemaker, or about the size of a vitamin.

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Video: How Is RF Power Measured?

RF power measurements are a top priority for the design and development of wireless technology. A leader in high-performance RF and microwave test and measurement solutions, Boonton can enable the accuracy of essential power measurements with its product portfolio of peak and average RF power meters, real-time USB power sensors, and connected USB power sensors.

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Qorvo Product Selector Guide

This brochure highlights Qorvo's high-performance line of products including SiC FETs, JFETs, Schottky Diodes, and its FET-Jet calculator tool, which allows for quick and confident design decisions.

Featured Products And Services
Multi-Tone RF Radiated Immunity System: MT2IEC10V3M, MT4IEC10V3M

MT2IEC10V3M and MT4IEC10V3M are full turn-key systems in one rack, capable of producing 10 V/m CW (18 V/m AM). Both systems fully comply with IEC 61000-4-3:2020 Edition 4.

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Tunable Band-Pass Filter: ADMV8440

The ADMV8440CHIPS is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), tunable band-pass filter that features a user‑selectable pass-band frequency of operation.

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Analog Devices
Ultra-Broadband Gain Block: GRF3016

The GRF3016 is a broadband gain block designed to provide flat gain over an exceptionally wide band of near DC to 10GHz. The device can be operated down to low frequency via the selection of suitably large input/output caps and bias inductor.

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Guerrilla RF
Wireless Jitter Attenuators

The Skyworks family of wireless jitter attenuators offers CMOS integration, reduced power, low noise and size without compromising the stringent performance and reliability required in wireless applications.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.