Newsletter | March 9, 2023

03.09.23 -- MaxLinear Partners With EdgeQ On Converged 4G And 5G Small Cell Platform

Magnetic Resonance Wire Coil Losses Estimation With FDTD Method

This white paper investigates the accuracy of the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for separately estimating coil conductor and radiative loss contributions.

Understanding Buck And Boost Converters And The Capacitors Behind Them

Buck and boost converters, which are the two most basic DC-to-DC converter topologies used in power supplies, are critical power supply building blocks that require careful component consideration.

R&S PVT360A Performance Vector Tester

The R&S PVT360A is a VSG/VSA single-box vector  tester optimized for FR1 base station, small cell and RF component testing in production and characterization environments. 

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Connectivity Q&A: What’s Next For Wi-Fi 6 & 6E In The European Union

Wi-Fi brings gaming, communication, video and much more to a new level – offering faster response times and a higher level of capacity. Here, Igor Lalicevic provides some understanding of how today's Wi-Fi standards and features are being implemented across Europe (EU) – to help you understand how to design your Wi-Fi product.