Newsletter | April 29, 2021

04.29.21 -- Massive MIMO And Beamforming: The Signal Processing Behind 5G Buzzwords

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Understanding Composite Microwave Filters

Corry Micronics has developed a complete line of composite cavity RF filters for use in unmanned aerial vehicles. Download this white paper to learn about these filters, the challenges faced in creating them, and why they are so important for electrical engineers in today’s market.

Reduce RF Circuit SWaP With High K Materials And Precision Thin-Film Microstrip Technology

This white paper covers how RF designers can reduce the SWaP of RF circuits while maintaining tight tolerances by processing Knowles Precision Devices’ high K materials on high-precision thin-film microstrip technology. It also demonstrates techniques for reducing overall board space usage by integrating multiple RF circuits onto a single substrate.

XFdtd Analyzes Complex Beam Steering Antenna Arrays

In this article, Remcom demonstrates how XF’s superposition and array optimization features simplify the process for understanding device performance by providing efficient ways to validate array coverage.

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High Gain LNA For Small Cell, Cellular 5G NR, And Base Station Applications

Compatible with the previously released SKY67183-396LF and SKY67189-396LF, the SKY67181-396LF by Skyworks is a high gain, LNA. Applications include small cells, massive MIMO, macro basestations, and more.

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Wireless Standards Poster

Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive poster incorporating the digital cellular standards across all bandwidths.

Featured Products And Services
SunAR Broadband Directional Antennas for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Applications

SunAR, formerly Sunol Sciences Corporation, offers a family of directional antennas designed for transmitting and receiving wireless communications signals for broadband wireless, EMC testing, signal monitoring and detection, and MIMO applications. Each antenna features broadband characteristics and an innovative design enabling them to operate over wide frequency ranges.

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95 dB Step Attenuators For Automated Wi-Fi 6E Testing

JFW’s 50PA-1183-XX and 50BA-048-95 are two attenuator assembly models designed to help automate Wi-Fi 6E testing.  Both models use 0-95dB x 1dB step attenuators that operate 0.2-8 GHz, and feature Ethernet and serial remote control with a command set that is script friendly.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Mobile 5G RF Fusion20

Fusion20 from Qorvo is a next-generation RF Fusion 5G system solution offering, higher levels of integration including Rx LNA and integrated RF shielding, reduced sensitivity to environmental impacts, and faster time to market.

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