Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- Making Tiny Antennas For Wearable Electronics

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Components For 5G: What Is New?
By Rohde & Schwarz

With the next big step in mobile communication, 5G will introduce new RF techniques, new frequencies and signal bandwidths. Ultimately, 5G New Radio (5G NR) will bring higher speed, reduced latency, more capacity and improved reliability. While the system parameters will change, the hardware to enable the new major step in mobile technology towards 5G NR will be different as well. New technologies will be deployed and designs have to follow the new requirements.

Introduction To ANSYS 5G Antenna Solutions
White Paper | ANSYS, Inc.

This white paper addresses the complexity of designing various points in 5G systems, and discusses possible solutions to design and simulate antenna systems, antenna-to-antenna coupling, environmental effects on signal propagation, and V2V / V2X communication.

5G/4G Combined Antenna Analysis In A Smartphone Using EM Simulation
Application Note | Remcom

This example uses XFdtd EM Simulation Software to analyze the performance and interaction of two antenna systems operating at 4G (860 MHz) and 5G (28 GHz) in close proximity in a smartphone design. 

Factors Affecting Temperature Rise In MLC Capacitors
Application Note | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

When selecting a capacitor to operate at high temperatures, it is useful to understand how its operating conditions can affect its working temperature. This application note explores the factors that affect the working temperature of an MLC capacitor.

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8 Tests And Proofs For Fischer Freedom Series – Full Video

The Fischer Freedom Series is put through eight mechanical and environmental tests to prove their compliancy with the highest reliability and quality standards.

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The AR “Orange Book Of Knowledge” - 50th Anniversary Edition

The Orange Book of Knowledge (OBK) has grown into much more than we at AR could have ever imagined. For many engineers, this resource book has turned into the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC.