Newsletter | June 25, 2020

06.25.20 -- Making Effective Use Of Doherty Architecture

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Solutions To Simplify 5G Phased Array Design In XFdtd

XFdtd includes a range of features to effectively design antenna arrays for 5G and mmWave wireless applications. Attend this webinar to learn about XF’s new superposition and array optimization techniques to combine steady state results from a single FDTD simulation for beamforming and beam steering applications.

Mixed-Domain And Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

With the launch of NEW 3 Series and 4 Series Oscilloscopes, Tektronix continues to redefine the mainstream scope marketplace by providing superior, advanced features and benefits within a mainstream price range, providing field upgradability at any time. This brochure provides an overview on each of the available series of oscilloscopes and their ideal applications.

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Introduction To emcware 5.0

The AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation emcware 5.0 Suite is a comprehensive EMC test software for radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity, radiated emissions, and conducted emissions. The emcware provides automated Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and report generation for all types of users from corporate to professional test laboratories.

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Bypass Capacitor Kit For MMIC Amplifiers Presentation

Supply noise creates challenges in RF systems where it can mix with RF signals, impacting signal/noise ratios and potentially causing spurious output. Avoiding this requires the use of a bypass capacitor that provides an efficient path to ground for RF energy on the supply line before it enters a gain stage. This presentation presents the benefits of using their V-Series capacitors.

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Ka-Band Silicon Intelligent Gain Block
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26.5 To 50 GHz Dual Directional Coupler
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2 To 11 GHz, 30 Watt GaN SP3T Switch
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Front-End Modules For Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Applications
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
200 To 8000 GHz Attenuator Assembly With 1 To 8 Configuration
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Band 40 TDD LTE Amplifier Module
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Corry Micronics, Inc.