MACOM GaN Technology For Wireless Basestations

Source: MACOM
MACOM GaN Technology For Wireless Basestations

The new MAGb series from MACOM is a family of the industry’s first commercial base station-optimized GaN transistors designed to achieve excellent efficiency, bandwidth, and power gain. It is also the broadest portfolio available of RF to light solutions for wireless network infrastructures.

MACOM GaN is Transforming the Network

These MAGb transistors enable wireless carriers to deploy the latest LTE technologies while significantly reducing operating expenses. The series features similar linearity and cost structure to LDMOS, but with better opportunities for cost effectiveness. They are optimized to meet the most demanding bandwidth performance and efficiency needs in a wide range of applications, including wireless access, wireless backhaul, wireless front haul, fiber fronthaul, fiber backhaul, and data centers.

MACOM GaN – Delivered Video Interview

Download the High Power GaN Portfolio for more information on the GaN MAGb series and more.