News | October 19, 1998

Library Helps Systems Designers Meet IS-95 Specs

Agilent Technologiesompany%> has released the HP CDMA design library. This library helps system designers ensure that their CDMA products meet IS-95 specifications.

The new design library consists of a complete set of behavioral models and test benches that allow designers to develop and refine specification-compliant algorithms at the system level. By letting designers verify at the system level, HP EEsof says this tool reduces design and implementation time and helps engineers bring CDMA products to market faster.

The CDMA library is used with the HP Advanced Design System, an integrated design environment (IDE) geared toward telecommunications and multimedia systems. The Advanced Design System lets engineers develop wireless systems by providing analog, RF, and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies in a single environment. Using this environment, engineers can simultaneously create, measure, and analyze all system components.

Pricing for the CDMA design library starts at $20,000. It is available immediately for UNIX, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0 systems.